Election Theory

By:Tabitha Walker 1B Discrete Mathmatics

I asked voters to pick their flavor from the following options:

The election went as followed:

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Winners are determined by...

  • Plurality
  • Borda Count
  • Plurality with run-off
  • Plurality with elimination
  • Pairwise (Copeland's Method)
  • Pairwise (Condorcet)


The plurality winner is Vanilla with 12 votes.

Borda Count

The borda count winner is Vanilla with 60.

Plurality with run-off

The plurality with run-off winner is Vanilla with 15.

Plurality with elimination

The plurality with elimination winner is Vanilla with 15.

Pairwise: Copeland Method

The pairwise copeland method winner was Chocolate with 2.

Pairwise: Condorcet

The pairwise condorcet winner is C.

Which Method was Best?

The best method for this election was plurality. This is because all but two of the methods portrayed that Vanilla was a winner. Plurality is the simplest and shows that Vanilla has two first place votes that add up to twelve. Therefore, plurality is the simplest and most obvious way to go about this particular election.