200m Butterfly

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200 meter butterfly is a sport where the swimmers only use their arms to move themselves forward. An Olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meters, so the swimmer has to go from one end of the pool to the other end twice in order to swim 200 meters. The current world record for men is 1.51 by Micheal Phelps from the US, and the current world record for women is 2.01 by Liu Zige from China. All the previous world records have just been just a few seconds off.

Our Goal

The purpose is this project is see if the the near future women will be on the same athletic level as men or if they could be better. By doing this project we can see how women were before while competing with men and how women are competing with men in present day. We can see the progression and see if women will eventually beat men.

Table For Men Vs Women

Scatter plot

The red squares represent men and the blue X's represent women.

Where they cross

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Linear Regression

The red and the blue line represent the trend for male and female gold medalists. The red line represents the female trend and the blue line represents the male trend.

Micheal Phelps

Micheal Phelps breaks the world record with a time of 1.51.

What Does The X- Coordinate Mean

The x- coordinate represents the years the Olympics occurred. When you look at the scatter plot you can see that if the dot is closer to the left it is a recent gold medalist. You can also easily find the other genders dot to compare.

What Does The Y-coordinate mean

The y-coordinates represent the times of the women and men.
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