True love exist

What is twilight ?

Twilights plot is the classiest plot . A new girl in town - Bella ( Kristen Stewart ) that falls in love with the mystery boy - Eduard ( Robert Pattinson ) . They are both high school students, but everything changes when she finds out that he and his family are vampires. Above all the odds , she decides to stay with him . She believes that true love lasts , no matter what. This is a 4 movie series , and every seirs , it gets more and more complicted . First her life is in danger, then another boy falls for I said , a lot of complictions. However , they always find there way back to each other, and thats what attract me in this movie.
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Video "Christina Perri - A Thousand Years" Ending

My Point of view:

This film genre is fiction- romance , a well known genre . The movies plot makes every teenage girl dream come true , in a certian way .You can clearly see the differences between the movie and the book. I believe those kind of changes are useful and interesting. It gives you 2 point of views about the movie.

The actors are super authentic, that even I believed for a second its reality. I have nothing else to say but - PERFECT. The soundtrack is excellent , actors from the first row and fans all over the world, Definitely a 5 stras movie. Recommended for people 12+ y.o.

Comments About The Movie:

Sheerel , New York : " Obessesed with this movie , watches it 400 times"

Kristey , Miami :" Bellarurd forever"

Ester , Israel : " Best movie made! "