Graduation Announcement

Candace Sala Hewitt

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

I am writing to share with you the good news of my graduation from the Masters in Public Policy program at Duke University, on May 11, 2013. As I celebrate this milestone, I am thankful to everyone who has touched me with caring optimism, support, guidance and mentorship.

Yes, now I’m looking for opportunities to apply my “rigorously tested” skills in helping teams on a mission, social good organizations and businesses with a conscience to evaluate and expand the positive impact of programs.

Will you kindly consider sharing references or contacts to organizations that work in areas of cultural and economic empowerment, sustainable development, and responsible business practices?

Or will you consider reconnecting for some quality human interaction? I can’t wait to get together again with some of my favorite like-minds! Save the date for a celebration PARTAYYY on May 30th at the Chelsea Manor, 7pm. Smooches!

Peace and blessings,

Candace Sala Hewitt

What can I do to bring out the best in you?

Business-with-a-conscience consultant. Policy analyst. Impact evaluator. Brand planner. Sustainability advocate. Green economy inclusionist. Writer of complex reports. Distiller of insights from complex reports. Passport traveler. Dramatic director. Public speaking coach. Event manager. Reluctant blogger. Foodie. Holistic health enthusiast. Creole season-er. Culture lover. Active listener. Team builder. Fan of fab friends. RBG-er. Astrala.