Political Cartoon Analysis

By, Ian Cherutich and Andrew Davidson

"This Is the Forest, Primevil" 4/24/29

This cartoon by Herb Block shows his worry about the deforestation of the United States' pristine forests. He makes his biggest impact when he uses ethos and calls the forest "Primeval."

In this cartoon Block uses irony. "Primeval" means "of or resembling the earliest ages", and so the title of this cartoon is meant to describe a forest undisturbed by man. The picture of a depleted forest matched with this title is meant to show the reader that our forests are as far from primeval as possible.

The Philanthropist

This cartoon was written by Herb in order to highlight the hard times during the great depression. It shows someone selling apples on the street eating his produce instead. This one uses the why not just eat the apples idea as a form of logos.

During the Great Depression the unemployment rate went up as high as 25%. The man sitting down symbolizes those who were unemployed during this time.

"I got one of 'em just as she almost made it back to the church" 3/9/1965

The purpose of this cartoon is to show how wrong it was for police to beat up innocent marchers on Bloody Sunday.

The subject of this cartoon is a state trooper cleaning his baton after hitting a black lady with it. He feels pride in his act.

In the 1960s, black people were pushing for equal voting rights. In one particular march, 600+ black voting rights activists left a church in Alabama on a march to Montgomery. On the way to Montgomery they were attacked by state troopers, and many of them were beaten when they were trying to get away from the state troopers. This event became known as "Bloody Sunday."

In this cartoon the state trooper and his baton symbolize those that attacked the marchers on Bloody Sunday. This state trooper can be identified by the label on his arm saying, "Selma Alabama, Special Storm Trooper."

The most important persuasive technique in this cartoon is the irony that the state trooper is happy about beating up an innocent lady. Since police are supposed to be promoting good, that this officer is promoting the bad shows the grotesqueness of his act.