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Wednesday 26th October 2022

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

Three Way Conferences

It was wonderful to see our students and parents attend Three Way Conferences (3WC) last week. We had just over 88% attendance over the two evenings. It was great to gather feedback from some families as they were leaving the grounds. One family commented, ‘Three Way Conferences are a highlight of the school year for our family. Our daughter explains to us what she is learning, why and how she learns. She shows us examples and it is so different to how we learned at school. We love this opportunity the school provides. It helps us understand what she is doing in the classroom.’

We hope that you also found the 3WC time useful in understanding where your child is at with learning. If you feel that you still have unanswered questions, or if you were unable to attend on the 3WC dates but would like this opportunity to make another time, please make contact with your child’s class teacher to make an appointment.

Staff Update

Our lovely Sarah Stubbs will be leaving our team at Pinehill School at the end of this year. Sarah has been amazing with her commute each day to Pinehill from Matakana and back home again. Although we will miss Sarah greatly, it will be wonderful for her to work closer to home next year and have less daily travel. We will keep you posted with a farewell assembly towards the end of the term.

Class Placements for 2023

We have reached that time of year when teachers are starting to place children in classes for 2023. As you would appreciate we have many things to consider when placing children together. Some of these are:

  • equal class sizes

  • male/female mix

  • balancing children with English as a second language across classes

  • academic balance

  • teacher/child strengths, interests

  • children who learn well together

  • children who do not learn well together

  • children needing learning or behaviour support

  • friendships

Teachers have a lot of knowledge about their students, and parents can be assured that a considerable amount of thought goes into making the best placement for each child. Teachers will talk with the students in their class about positive learning relationships/friendships, which will be taken into account.

If you have any special considerations about your child’s placement that you wish for us to be aware of please put these in writing to our deputy principal, Sarah Ward by Friday 11 November. Requests for specific teachers are not able to be accommodated. As mentioned above, friendship requests will be considered.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

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Resilience Project

Our TRP sharing this week comes from Room 12.

Firstly, they have been thinking about well-being as a whare with 4 walls. Each wall represents an aspect of our health or hauora.

  • te taha tinana is our physical health

  • te taha hinengaro is our mental health

  • te taha whanau represents our social relationships, family, friends, colleagues

  • te taha wairua represents our spiritual health, belief systems, sense of ourselves and where we belong and why

As you can imagine, keeping all our ‘walls’ strong by attending to them all is a way to ensure we are flourishing. This is when we feel grounded and able to cope with what life throws at us.

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At their assembly yesterday, Room 12 also shared some of their writing based on reading and discussing 2 books, focusing on different emotions and how they make them feel. As you will recall, emotional literacy is one of the TRP pillars.

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Here is some of Room 12’s writing about emotions.

My yellow is my happiness because it’s like the sun shining bright.

My dark blue is my emaresness because it’s like you have no clothes on.

My grey is my nervousness. It's like people laughing at you.

My green is my hungriness because it’s like having no food for months.

By Rubab

My bright yellow is excited like when it is my birthday.

My orange is worried like a 1000 butterflies in my tummy.

My light blue is wild like a crazy chicken running around a farm.

My purple is calm like me imagining I am floating in the blue calming sky.

By Cynthia

My grey is scared like I’m lonely in a thunderstorm.

My white is calm, like having a good sleep and a beautiful dream.

My light blue is sad like the dark blue sea pulling me in to the end.

My yellow is happy like the sun shining.

By Renee

My red is angry like someone is bullying me.

My purple is love like someone is being kind to me.

My blue is lonely like the sky crying rain.

My yellow is happy like the sun and like me.

By Ciyalea

My black is lonely like the lonely night

My yellow is relaxed like the relaxing sunshine.

My orange is happy like butterflies fluttering.

My red is fierce like a fierce dragon.

By George

My grey is relaxed like the sunrise in the morning.

My red is love flowing through my body.

My pink is embarrassed like the first day of school.

My orange is angry like a volcano erupting in my heart.

By Olivia Brown

Last chance…

Last chance to watch Georgie from The Resilience Project sharing information with Pinehill parents.

She covers:

- why schools need programmes such as The Resilience project

- what the 4 pillars of The Resilience Project are and why they are important

- what some of the in-school resources look like

- some of our Pinehill data related to sleep and device use between the hours of 10pm and 6am

- some simple activities Pinehill whanau can do at home to support the messages tamariki are hearing and discussing at school

- some challenges for Pinehill parents

The presentation Georgie gave last term was recorded and the link is below:

Introducing The Resilience Project for Pinehill Parents & Carers

This link is live until midday Friday 28 October. We strongly recommend that parents watch this presentation. It is both informative, inspiring and challenging. Supporting our tamariki as they journey through life is a team effort, and it is important that we are all supporting each other as part of their support team.

Below is the link to the Parent and Carer Hub mentioned in the presentation too.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to watch this 30 minute presentation.


Room 1 - Bodhi Earl - Kingi

Room 2 - Sami Elbeltagi

Room 3 - Tristan Wang

Room 4 - Layal Mahmoud

Room 5 - Eva Tangi

Room 6 - Mia Zhang

Room 7 - Joshua Boyle

Room 8 - Rua Han

Room 9 - Yi Cheng Han

Room 10 - Riyadh Capati

Room 11 - Kaavya Gounder

Room 12 - Beauden Alofaki

Room 13 - Lucas Zhou

Room 14 - Olivia Tangi

Room 15 - Natalie Qin

Room 16 - Mikhael Romano

Room 17 - Damjan Benko

Room 18 - Advik Nakkala

Room 19 - Linnea Than

Room 20 - Dylan Yang

Winning House - Rakino

Basketball - Players of the day

Pinehill Magic

Niu Niu Dang

Friends of Pinehill School

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