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Welcome to 2016!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Please read through these updates on Monday. You all know how I love to send e-mail...I tried to refrain and condense it all to one newsletter :) -Amy
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Checklist for today:

  1. Read this the video below too!
  2. Check New Duty Schedule...Make sure you know when you're duty is
  3. Check your Box (new schedule and Wacky Wednesday schedule are inside!)
  4. Sign time sheets or absence from duty forms
  5. Turn in Lesson Plans
  6. SUBMIT GRADES (Report Cards go home Friday and will be printed TODAY!)
  7. Nominate a student and coworker with the link at the bottom

Welcome to our New Staff!

  • Mary "Lizzie" Baker- Replacing Marla Pope (4th Grade Math/Teaming with Denman)
  • Linda Williams- Replacing Terri Lanphear (3rd Grade Self Contained)
  • Natalie Daniel- Replacing Meagan Taylor (Music)

These teachers were voted on at the November School Board Meeting! We are excited to welcome them to our team! They have big shoes to fill as we lose some fabulous, dedicated, and amazing ladies!

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SHINE Planning Meeting at 3:00 Monday, January 4th

Anyone with ideas about planning and who would like to help determine our SHINE schedule may attend!
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Click the link below to Join the Conversation about ideas for SHINE 2016!

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No Worries's "Tell Me What to Wear" Week

Returning from break is hard enough. Let us help by taking one less decision from your day. Below is a schedule of what to wear for the week. It is optional to participate, but the more the merrier. Don’t tell the kids. See if they can figure it out!

Have fun with it. Get creative!

Monday, January 4th

Jeans and your choice of top.

Tuesday, January 5th

All black (as we are still mourning our vacation)

Wednesday, January 6th

Floral & Jeans

Thursday, January 7th

College Shirt & Jeans

Friday, January 8th

Spirit Wear& Jeans


Our next item to implement...

Recognize & Reinforce

At your Fingertips: T-Tess Rubrics Link click below

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Check in with your Committee: Click the Link below!

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Enter to help us WIN a NEW PLAYGROUND!

Check Your Google Calendar for upcoming Events this Week!

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Spring Hill Intermediate School

Amy Doron, Principal

Campus Mission Statement:
Spring Hill Intermediate provides a place for learning where all students can can find success, confidence, respect, and direction for their future!

Campus Vision Statement:

Collaborating to create an engaging, challenging, and well rounded system of education for the improvement of all students.