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They have a culture of western and eastern culture as well as chequered history. They steal keep there tradition from there ancestors. They love having opera festivals . The Riga opera festival is the most common festival. They do a lot of acting.

they are most likely eating meat or crops they grow there self's. For a diet a main part of it is fish potato salad is eaten as well as just plan potatoes for a diet.

They usually wear white, red, green, brown, and dark gray. There clothes usually have lots of patterns .

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They have a parliamentary democracy, and they have a limited government. There president is Andris Berzins.

They became republic on august 23,1939

Current Events

More than 220 people have been rescued from ice floes. They had a little bit of conflict with Ukrainian this happened in 2013. In 2014 they had there parliamentary elections.

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Famous Landmarks

One of there famous landmarks is there freedom monument. It is located in Riga it is honoring soldiers who have died. It is an important symbol for independence. another one of the landmarks is the Ethnographic open air is located in Riga it just a place were you can see and be like the ancient Latvians.
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