How Slavery Lead to Racism.

Veronica Rodriguez

What is Slavery? What is Racism?

Slavery is the conditions of being a slave, having to do an exhausting amount of work and restricted freedom. Racism is prejudice, discrimination, hatred, or intolerance based on race or cultural.

African American Enslavement.

Many of the African people were enslaved because they had a long history of being slaves. Also a lot of the slave owners liked the fact that they could work long hours on a plantation. Another reason was that Indians had died of disease or they had run away so they imported many slaves, thus began racism to colored people.

When did slavery become a big thing?

Slavery became a big thing because the slave owner would treat them as property so that just caused a domino effect on people. Slavery was a huge deal to people because if you could own slaves then that meant that you had money, and just having slaves were one thing you could show for it. #Superficial

How did slavery begin?

Slavery begun by people enslaving their own people, example African men would be enslaved by their own people then they would most likely sell them to make money for their own. When being captured by their own people many of them would be shipped to a different country. #PowerHungry

Is this important to know

This is important to know because this is a big part of history because it lead to many changes in the future. It's important to know all the effects and consequences that slavery had and they fact that it had a big part in how African Americans were/are treated to this day. #HisotryIsImportant