Hologram Teaching

By: Jackson Cruz

The Holographic Device

This device will allow you to see the teacher but the teacher will not see you but the teacher will be able to see who is online/present. There will be no trouble for attendance for the teachers. There will be no more waiting in traffic to get here or having to even leave your house and if you travel you are able to take the device with you.

It Will Save Thousands

It will save everyone so much time and money because no one will have to leave there house, wait in traffic, or have to buy gas to take you to school. If we have the Hologram Teacher then there will not even need to be school so it saves so much more money for building and tax money too. The tax money can go towards other things other than education.

A Treat

The device gives you a treat when the student stays a whole session of class. If they don't stay for a session then no treat. The treats are a privilege not a right. It is filled with a few different colored treats.

Don't Have to Stay Forever

The students don't even have to watch the hologram the same time that the student has to stay at school. The hologram would only be about three hours but the only catch is it has to be done every day but the summer, spring break, etc. It does have to be done on the weekends though. If you add up all the hours you are at school then if you get up at 7 in the morning and do it the your done by 10:00 and you still have a day. It doesn't even have to be done at the same time it can be an hour in the morning an hour in the afternoon, or how ever you want to do it as long as it gets done.

Its Easy, Tasteful, Portable