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Week of 10/07/2019


A huge thanks to the MCS families and staff that were able to attend our Groundbreaking ceremony!


A Message from our Administrator

Greetings MCS Families,

Our Groundbreaking Ceremony went off without a hitch and a little rain, but we were able to take advantage of a short break in the weather for the speeches. I spoke with our foreman this morning and they will be bringing in about 60 truck loads of fill on Monday. Our staff are is taking advantage of the construction and using it for STEAM projects.

Our new drop off and pick up seems to be working very well. Thank you all for being so accommodating with our parking lot and construction changes. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience! Crossing guards will be on the street starting at 7:45 am. A reminder to not drop off or park on F street during drop off or pick up times. This will help to make sure there are no traffic jams and keep the buses flowing smoothly.

Staff will remain outside with students until 3:10 M-TH and 2:25 on Fridays. Students who have not been picked up by those times will be taken back in to the main building. Parents will need to park and come get them from the main building. If you are fine with your student staying out at the pick up site alone, please send me an email at tonyb@moscowcharterschool.org

Again, thank you for a wonderful transition into our new project. Have a great weekend!!!


Tony Bonuccelli

Administrator, Moscow Charter School

The Importance of Attendance

Tardiness and frequent absences, regardless of the reason, have a major impact on student learning. Moscow Charter School has an accelerated curriculum that requires daily attendance for achievement and extended opportunities in the arts. Daily attendance helps our students succeed because they are able to get daily classroom instruction and are part of the actual lessons.

As our handbook states, if a student has 10 absences in a semester, except in documented cases of family emergencies or for medical reasons, the student may be dis-enrolled from MCS. Attendance affects our overall funding through the state of Idaho. We are funded by our Average Daily Attendance (ADA), which is the 'aggregate' or the weekly attendance divided by the number of days in session for that week. Refer to the chart above to determine if your child is too sick for school. If a student has multiple absences due to sickness, we will need a doctor's note to excuse them.

We appreciate your help and willingness to make sure our students are at school consistently throughout the year!

A Message from our School Counselor-Help your child set goals and take responsibility for learning

Setting weekly goals helps your child take control of her learning. To help her set goals and achieve them:

1. Ask your child to identify one goal at the beginning of the week, such as finishing a book she has been reading for school.

2. Have your child write the goal on a piece of paper and post it on the refrigerator or bulletin board.

3. Talk about how to accomplish the goal. Help your child break the goal down into smaller steps.

4. Check your child’s progress in a few days. If problems arise, talk about possible solutions.

5. Help your child evaluate how she did at the end of the week. Did she achieve her goal? Why or why not? Regardless of the outcome, praise your child for trying. Then set a new goal for next week.

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