Genocide Past and Present

By: Kevin Moore

What is Genocide?

Genocide is the attempt to completely wipe out a race or religion. Most of the Genocides that have had happened are because of religious backgrounds or political reasons. The Genocides that is considered to be the most horrid would be the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the round up of the Jews and put in Concentration camps to be killed.
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1933-1945 The Holocaust

When Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany he started to round up Jews,Slaves,Roma,the disabled,Jehovah Witnesses and Homosexuals and have them put into Concertration camps to be killed. By the end of the War over 2.7 million Jews had been killed and over 6 million people had died from being in the camps. During the Holocaust Adofe Hitler was in charge of it but put other people in charge of running the camps. It wasn't until 1946 when they decided that it should be a crime to try to Genocide. The term Holocaust comes from the Greek root word of Hólos "whole" and Kaustós being "Burnt".


Before and during World War Two the Japanese was attempting to wipe out the Chinese race. They would capture a town or village and then round them up and shoot them in the back of the head. The Japanese would then take thre vaubes that they owned and sold them for money for the military.
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North Korea

Ever since North Korea has become a communist country millions if people have died. Since North Korea prevents any Aid and any outside help millions have died in there political prison camps from Disease, starvation and torture.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2001 the first conviction of genocide was brought to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The trail was against General Krtíc, for the mass killings of the 1994 Srebrenic genocide. It was Serbia vs. Bosina, Bosnia denied any reports of any body Dieing from the grnocide and it was another way to try to hurt them. The case would last until about 2007 when the ICTY convicted Bosnia and General Krstíc for the killings of 8,373 men and young boys. General Krstíc was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2009.