By Zachary Rivera aka Waka flaka flame

His birth/death and his child hood

He was born on November-24-1784 He died on July-9-2850 they said he died from bacteria born into a family of planters in Virginia most of his childhood was in a cabin

His education and important life events

He was a poor student his hand writing,spelling, and grammar were crude and undefined through out his life Taylor had gained fame as a Indian fighter in the nations warfare against native american he wanted to join the military as a kid

Accomplishments and contributions

encourages new Mexico and California to by pass the territories stage altogether in favor of seeking state hood promise the reactive Independence of the Utah territory front the federal government he was a general

Career success

He was a Indian fighter with native american though he fought he also wanted to protect there land from white settlers and believed a strong military was the solution to coexistence he gained natural hero status during Mexican american war

Early life

most of his life he lived in Louisville Kentucky where he lived with his parents and seven brothers and sisters his family was planters who owned 10,000 acres in Kentucky his first officer commission was a commander of the garrison at fort Pickering


Despite being a slave owner himself Taylor was fiercely convinced that the union should stay together and that the southern states from seceding if necessary Taylor many southerners was surprised
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