all about me

by ayden

an early life

I was born on November 9, 2006 in Houston Tx. 3 months later I found my fingers and my toes. I sucked on them so much I gaged. When I was about a year and a half, I was scared of nothing! My dad he would throw me up in the air as high as he could without me hitting my head on the ceiling, and I would scream over and over for him to keep throwing me. And I would climb everything, chairs, ladders, furniture. my dad said if they left me alone I would climb on the roof. One time my dad was fixing the roof and he turned to see where I was and I was half way up the ladder. I was only 2! And then when I was about 3 we moved to Anna. I miss Houston but we still visit.


Hi my name is Ayden. Meet my family: mom , dad , sis , me , and my pets 2 dogs 2 frogs and 1 cat. My mom's name is Amy and my dad's name is Gregory but we call him Greg. My sister's name is Prestynn but we call her Pnut. My dog's names are Shiner and Stella. My cat's name is Elsa. My frog's names are Mrs.Volcano and Mr. Volcano.

My Goals

My goals are to move to New York to be on a baking show because I love to bake. Be a Rock Star, To work with animals, training them to be circus performers. Be an illustrator for children's books. I would also like to get an A+ on the big test at the end of the school year!

My Hobbies

I like to read, do arts and crafts, ride 4 wheelers, watch you tube and bake. I also like to play sports like soccer, gymnastics, Taekwondo, and I just finished my first season of football! I like to write stories and use my imagination. And the most important thing of all, I like to sing. Since I first learned how to talk I've been singing! I just love music so much!

Important memories

One of my oldest memories is when I dressed up funny and was walking around my grandmothers house being silly, I was about 2 years old I think. I took an airplane with my GiGi to Alabama and I remember being so excited to be flying! Last summer my family went to Florida and we all went crab hunting, found seashells and I got to hold a baby alligator!