3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending May 13, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Adams

The kids were given a math "quiz" on Wednesday after reviewing in class for two days. I will be sending those home today. I told them about the quiz, but I apologize for not having them put it in their agenda.

Next Thursday is Open House from 6:30 - 8:00. We will have tons of student work on display in our hallway as well as in the classroom. We'd love for you to stop by! I'll be wandering the hallways and hope to see you!

Geometry Museum Project - Due June 3rd - Your child should be able to explain this project to you, but if you need any clarification, please feel free to reach out to me. Basically, it's a poster board of shapes. You'll use any materials you'd like to create shapes and label them. You can get creative and put the shapes into a scene (or you can just make individual shapes all over). Be sure to follow the guidelines (a copy of the guidelines are below).

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Phenomenal Narratives

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by Gigi, Anna, and Maya

This week in 3A, we were writing personal narratives. We wrote a class story about going on a roller coaster, since it is something we have all experienced. We started it together, and then worked with a partner to write the middle and end. Here's how it went...

First, Mrs. Adams and the class wrote an introduction for our story about Space Mountain (in Disney). Then we got with partners from our "partner phone". Each group wrote a middle and ending to the class story and then we shared them with the class. We used all the qualities of good writing... making movies in our mind, juicy words, transitions, details and more.

This was fun!

Buddy Class

We met with our buddies to finish our earth projects. Below is a picture of our final project.
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3-D Math

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By Owen, Dominic and Grayson

This phenomenal week was very 3-D, as in 3-D shapes. In school we learned about 3-D shapes. We needed to tell how many edges a 3-D shape has, how many faces a 3-D shape has, and how many vertices a shape has.

The face is the flat part of the shape. For example, a cube has 6 faces. The edges are the long parts of the shape where the two faces meet. The vertex is the point of the shape.

We had actual 3-D shapes that we could look at to help us figure out how many faces, edges, and vertices it has. That was helpful, because sometimes it's hard to tell when it is just a picture on paper.

SeeSaw App

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by Audrey, Maddie and Mikaela

Have you ever heard of the app called SeeSaw? Well we have. If you haven't, you have to check it out! Our class had a blast using this app. First, we typed our speeches in Google Docs. Then Mrs. Adams printed our speeches for us. We got a partner, found a quiet spot in the school, and recorded each other giving our opinion speeches. We put them in our Seesaw account. It's similar to a blog account, but has a newsfeed of all the videos of our class. Mrs. Adams said it was like an online portfolio. We had an amazing week with SeeSaw!

People Magazines

We hope you enjoyed reading the "Woman of the Year" article your child wrote in their People Magazine. Bringing a smile to your face was our goal, so hopefully that was accomplished!
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Writing... Felix Fix-Its!

We were given writing samples that Mrs. Adams found online written by third graders and we acted like "fix it Felix" by highlighting the parts we loved, and writing the parts we thought we could make better. We're going to share with our class next week how we could take these narratives and make them phenomenal!

Buzzer Game Show

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by Fletcher and Brady

This week, 3A did something unexpected. We did... a BUZZER game show! Ahhh Woooo Yaaaa Ding Dong! First, we sat on the rug parallel to each other in rows. Then Mrs. Adams put up a question on the SmartBoard. Everyone had to answer it on their slates, but only the answers of the people in the front row counted for points. When the front row person answered the question on their slate, they would close their marker and ring their bell. Some of the sounds were Ding Dong and Beep Beep. This was a great way to practice geometry to help us prepare for our quiz. The final scores were really close. Team 3 came in first, then team 4, 1 and 2.

Introducing our Star Student... Dominic!