By Kyler Villarreal & Jacob Ellerbrook

First, What is an Earthquake?

A earthquake is the shaking, rolling, or sudden shock of the Earth´s surface. They are the Earth´s natural means of stress release.

Geological, Weather, or Human Cause

What causes earthquakes is when the Earth´s plates squeeze or stretch, and then huge rocks form at their edges and the rocks shift with great force causing a earthquake.

Impact on The Environment

  • It tears the ground apart
  • Plants can die
  • Trees can fall and animals can die in the surrounding area

Impact on Humans

  • Buildings can fall crushing people
  • Messes up roads and train tracks
  • Homes can fall and people can´t find a place to live

5 things we can do to be prepared for and to stay safe for disasters

  • Buildings have been made with base that can move the earthquake so that it doesnt fall and crumble
  • we can hide under tables with books covering peoles necks