7th Grade ACTS Newsletter

February 8th-12th, 2016

Science - Mrs. Sexton

Students will be working on a short project about a specific disease this week. They will conduct research on Monday. Tuesday students will plan their strategies for presentation. Wednesday/Thursday, students will video their presentations. and Friday will be our presentation day. This project will count as a test grade. Any student who is absent from class any day during this week, will need to complete this project independently.

Science - Mrs. Griffin

The students will continue working with Cells and Heredity Unit with a focus on genetics. The students will have a mini project this week in class with genetics starting Thursday. This project will utilize the use of Punnett squares in a real-life situations. There will not be a test this week.

I have started a new page on my webpage called " 7 Assignments" to list needed information.

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students are learning about triangles and triangle congruence. (Chapter 10). We will have our test on Tuesday, February 9th. The practice test and its answer key is posted to classroom.

We will continue our study of geometry next week on similarity. A new Tenmarks will be assigned Monday.

ELA - Mrs. Templeton

The students are finishing up with Hiroshima this week. We will have an assessment on the following Wednesday.

They have a stems test and weekly article due on Thursday.

Social Studies - Mrs. Babb

This week students begin their study of the Worldwide Depression in the late 1920s and the responses to it by the United States and Europe.They will also learn about the totalitarian governments that rose to power during these years of economic challenges.

Students are curious about the Holocaust, so we will complete a project on Thursday that should help them better understand this devastating event in world history.

You may notice that Chapter 7 includes 5 lessons, so we will take a quiz on Lesson 1 before proceeding to World War II in Lesson 2.

Their World War I projects were excellent!

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th Dance Rotation- We will finish our dance for the March performance this week. Costume letters coming soon, I'll give you a hint....think walking dead. Please encourage your child to bring Chromebook fully charged to class and check google classroom daily. We have assignments daily on the Chromebooks.

7th dance focus: All dances have been finished. Auditions for speaking parts as well as student created solo, duet or small group dances, will be Feb 12th. Please encourage your child to bring Chromebook fully charged to class and check google classroom daily. We have assignments daily on the Chromebooks.

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

7th Grade Drama Rotation just completed their Theatre History unit and had their unit test. Next, we will be reading William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream as a class. Quizzes will be taken after each act.

7th Grade Drama Focus has completed their competition pieces. Eight of the 7th grade Drama Focus students will be competing in different drama events on Saturday, February 6 in Lexington at the SC Speech and Theatre Association. We will then take a break from performing and work on play reports from a 2 Act play of their choosing.

Art - Mr. Winchester

7th Grade Art Focus has begun an Andy Warhol themed Pop Art study. Using his Marilyn Monroe painting as inspiration, they will complete a painting of any candy package of their choice using the original color scheme as well as three other color schemes of their choice.

Strings - Ms. Hrivnak

7th rotation will be playing pieces in two and three parts. There will be a rhythm and vocabulary quiz Friday.

7th focus will be making progress on Can Can, The Incredibles, and Captain America. There will be a rhythm and vocabulary quiz Friday.