Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

The Newsletter is Back!

Each month the PBIS team will send out a newsletter to inform you of upcoming events as well as share some data with you. If there is anything you wish to see in the newsletter that isn't here please email Jill Bachand. She will bring your suggestion to the PBIS team.

PATH on the Bus

You may have noticed a bulletin board in the hall by door 1. The PBIS team looked at the data and found a need for a PATH boost on the bus. The staff that monitors the morning bus traffic is connecting with the drivers to see if the ride to school was on the PATH or not. Buses that are on the PATH on the way to school will get a tally on the board. At the end of the month, the bus with the most tallies will be rewarded for their positive behavior with a popcorn party!

Staff on the PATH!

This year our staff PATH tickets are located in the hall near the office. Some of our students have taken it upon themselves to give PATH ticket to staff! How exciting that students are so plugged into the PATH of the Storm that they recognize when we, as adults, are on the PATH! Make sure to take a minute and recognize your fellow staff members. If your PATH ticket is drawn there will be a prize waiting for you in the office.

Some tickets that did not get drawn:

Mr. Schiffler got caught being trustworthy and helpful by being "the straw" of 5th grade!

Mrs. E got caught being accepting by being so kind and patient with computer problems and helping us fix them.

Mrs. Zimpel got caught by a student being prepared by always being ready.

There were so many more!

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We have recently learned that this year there has been a decrease in office referrals in comparison to last year. Due to your consistency and diligence as staff, the PATH of the Storm is proving to be successful! This would not be happening without all of your hard work. Pat yourself on the back!

Your PBIS Team

Team: Aby Froiland, Abby Lyon, Debbie Blum, Jill Bachand, Val Martin, Becky Ayer, Nichole Neron-Kloss, and Shawna Broerman