Five Year Timeline


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Hi! I'm Taylor and here are five years from my life! Each year has a personal event that has happened to me, an event from North Carolina and the United States and visuals that connects to something within that year. There are also links within each description informing you of where the information came from just in case you want to find more information about that specific topic! I hope you enjoy reading through my autobiography!

Five Years Throughout My Life


In 2001, I went to Sea World with my family! This was my first time riding on an airplane and going out of state. Also during this time 9/11 occurred. 9/11 marks the day in 2001 that the US had it’s worst attack. According to the Washington Post, four planes altogether were hijacked with one plane hitting the twin towers. This tragic event killed nearly 3,000 people. This encouraged action to occur in North Carolina specifically at Meredith College. Students were so emotionally moved that they planned to raise money for the American Red Cross Relief Fund. By making a quilt and donating blood they were able to raise $14,000. This shows that even through tragic times, we as a nation can come together to support each other.


In 2005, I graduated from elementary school. I was finally able to leave elementary school and go to middle school! This was a big change for me, and I was so ready for it! During this same time, the United States was experiencing the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This season of hurricanes was known as the most active because it included five major hurricanes! North Carolina was specifically affected by Hurricane Ophelia, which was the eighth hurricane in the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Hurricane Ophelia brought at least ten inches of rain, which caused President Bush to call State of Emergency for multiple counties within North Carolina. Below are two videos that show the effect of Hurricane Ophelia on North Carolina.
WRAL-TV 5 Hurricane Ophelia 9-14-2005


2007 was packed with different events in my life. First, my oldest sibling graduated from high school. This was a very exciting time for the entire family! I also made the cheerleading squad at my middle school during this year, which was a very proud moment because I was moving from recreational cheerleading to a higher field of cheerleading. On the other hand, this was very overwhelming for my parents financially. During this time, the United States started going through the Great Recession. This means that the United States of America had a significant decline in the economy causing people to lose their jobs, including my mother. This hit each state especially North Carolina. The North Carolina employment rate decreased significantly causing financial hardships for many families including my personal family.

Here's a picture of me cheering in middle school!

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I was born with my tongue connected to the top of my mouth. To be more specific, the top of my tongue was connected in between my two front teeth. This caused complications for me when it came to my speech, therefore in 2008 I decided to disconnect my tongue from the top of my mouth. Although this was a difficult process for me, the United States went through something even more difficult. During this same year, the US experienced the Tornado Outbreak. There were multiple tornadoes over a period of days that affected many areas throughout United States including North Carolina. North Carolina experienced the Carolina's Tornado Outbreak! There were two main tornadoes that occurred in Calhoun County, Dillon County, Guilford County and Forsyth County. Both tornadoes caused a plethora of damage that costed the state about $500,000! Below shows a picture that describes the power of just one tornado!
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2009 was a big year for many people. In my personal life, this was the year I started high school. I was very excited for many reasons including cheerleading, sports, and my academics. This was the first year I was able to take honors and advance placement classes. I was also surrounded by other students that considered themselves minorities. To be more specific, my high school’s population was majority African Americans and Hispanics. Also during this year, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America. This was very important because he is considered the first African American to hold the position of President. Bringing these two things together explains the reason for the increase in voting for the state of North Carolina. My surrounding community wanted to make a difference by electing Barack Obama as president. We were taught that every votes counts, and we were able to see that with the 2009 election!