Fundraiser for Bo and Barb

Help ease the burden!

Does your heart have room for one more purchase?

One year ago this month, my mom Barb tripped, broke her knee in 5 places, had to have some reconstructive surgery, and she also had a concussion. To this day, she still has no memory of the day or the weeks following. Her recovery was slow and of course painful. She didn't complain though. Her biggest worry was my uncle, her brother, Bo. His health hasn't been good and he was all she worried about. A few months ago, he had 2 bad strokes back to back. He is now in a nursing home, he is learning to walk again, and talk, and has no use of his left hand.

His insurance that pays for the nursing home unfortunately runs out at the end of the money (December) and starting in January, my mom has to pay $800.00 a month. She is praying he comes home at the end of January, but it all depends on if he can walk on his own. She is sad because she cant get presents for the grandkids etc this year. We don't care that she cant get the kids things, I have talked to them and they too agree that helping ease grandmas financial burden is worth more then anything!

I am a Chocolatier for Dove Chocolate Discoveries and I am doing a fundraiser for Bo and Barb to help ease the financial burden. Please go to my website to order, or contact me to order. (There will be a party set up for Barbara there, please make sure to order under her name)

Thank you so much for all of your help, especially this time of year! May God Bless You!

Kelly Reed Dove Chocolate Independant Consultant

Please go here to place your order. Or contact me to order :-)