Netflix for Seniors

Brand Repositioning

New Brand Image

The New Netflix is intended to attract old people. Lighter colours will make it easier to stare at an electronic screen, cutting seniors' old eyes some slack. They layout will make it easy to browse through classic movies and TV shows. The overall image that the new Netflix wants to present is simple, refreshing, and classic. It will become a service to remember classic films and shows. The new slogan is "cheap, quick, simple, and classic". The new price will be $6 a month.

Perceptual Map

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Explanation of Perceptual Map

HBO is $14.99 per month, Amazon is $8.99, Hulu is $7.99 per month and the new Netflix is $6 per month (,2817,2489103,00.asp). People often associate higher price with more options. An abundance of options often comes with tough decision making and complicated layouts; these are things that a lot of seniors do not want. That is why the above perceptual map is positioned the way it is. As stated earlier, Netflix for Seniors promotes its simplicity. It is important to note that this perceptual map is not just based on facts, but of what people perceive about various streaming services.

Spokesperson for Netflix for Seniors

"Betty White is a comedic actress who has been in show business, from TV to film, since the 1950s" ( She will be an effective spokesperson because her career in show business directly connects to Netflix. Also, she was a very successful actress in the 20th century so she would be in some shows on the new Netflix. Betty White will be able to provide insight on classic show business and engaging stories about her career. Also, she will be able to sympathize with the target market on a personal level because she is a senior herself. Therefore, Betty White will be the perfect spokesperson for Netflix for Seniors.

Event Sponsorship: 10th Annual Seniors Information Fair and Entertainment (May 27th, 2016).

This event is at 10:00am until 2:00pm at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Seniors pay $6 dollars for tickets and receive a pizza lunch as well as information about services for seniors. Impersonators of Tom Jones and Rod Stewart will be in the building to provide comedic entertainment. The age of admission (55+) is similar to the target market of the new Netflix (65+). ( This event fits the new brand image because as well as the image being inexpensive, it is cheap, refreshing, and classic; all of these characteristics are what this Seniors Fair is. It is inexpensive to get into the event, the event is light-hearted and welcoming, and it is classic as entertainers are involved to impersonate legends Tom Jones and Rod Stewart.

Goals and Description of the New Promotional Plan

The first goal of the promotional plan for the new is to increase awareness, attract interest, arouse desire, and initiate action. The following advertisements will help increase awareness. The ads will be as engaging and sympathetic to elderly people as possible in order to arouse desire and attract interest. The advertisements, the contest in particular, will motivate people to actually take action and purchase Netflix for Seniors for the repositioned Netflix. In the promotional mix there will be a billboard, contest, Tweet, and Facebook post. The billboard will contain large font and a classic image of Betty White. A billboard is a useful ad to use because it can be put in a public place of choice for everyone to see. It would be especially useful to place the billboard on the side of the road near a seniors' building or retirement home. Just like the layout of Seniors' Netflix a billboard is simple. The bingo contest is useful because bingo is a game that is popular among senior citizens. This contest will allow seniors to partake in a game that they love while competing for financial benefits. Free Netflix for Seniors for a year will be a huge motivator and it will increase brand awareness; everyone attending the bingo night will associate it with Netflix for Seniors. Even though not a lot of seniors use Twitter, the Tweet will be useful because younger people will see it and tell their grandparents or parents. People can also reply, share/retweet, and like the tweet. The same goes for the Facebook. However, if senior citizens had to choose one social network to use, it would likely be Facebook.
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Rationale Behind the Changes

Seniors are from a generation from a long time ago, so it makes sense to provide a streaming service with movies and TV shows from a long time ago. Its new slogan, "cheap, quick, simple and classic" is a beneficial change to the brand image because it promotes the basic service that many seniors look for, and is similar to a description of the lifestyle of retired seniors. The market for seniors' entertainment is underestimated by many; a simple technology where seniors can watch their favourite classics will likely be very popular. Even if Netflix for Seniors is not as popular as hoped, the content will be cheaper to buy because it is older and not watched by all ages. Therefore, it is highly likely that this repositioned Netflix will make significant profits. If one looks at the repositioned Netflix's content based solely on the amount of it, the value proposition will likely be "less for less". It would be very difficult to find the same amount of classics as the total amount of movies and shows on the current Netflix. However, to many seniors, the repositioned Netflix's value proposition will be "better for less", or "quicker for less". The type of positioning this new Netflix is trying to achieve is differentiation positioning. It is trying to set itself apart from the rest of the streaming services by providing a unique layout and content that nobody else has. This new Netflix focuses on a smaller number of attributed with regards to the target market.


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