by breanne

Making A Law

The main business of parliament are to make laws . When the law is first suggested , it's called a bill. Bills is usually talked about in the house of representatives. First the bill is explained, then all the members discuss it . Change may be made. Then all the members

Vote for or the against the bill. If it passed the vote , it goes to the other house of parliament.

The Senate And House Of Representative

The Senate

The red house is called The Senate because the senate is decorated in red. the seats up high in the senate is the place you can hear what people say, the big chair is where the senate sits , people do speeches or debates , like if they are talking about how we should make school hours be longer or the other group would say how school hours shouldn't be longer, there is no matter how big or small a state or territory is ,there will be the same amount of senators.

The House Of Representatives

The next house is called is the house of representative, the house of representative is decorated in green so we can respect the forest , the big is where the speaker sits , some people stand for election are members of different groups or parties. The party that have the most members elected to the house of representatives for the seats.