Biology 5th pd - Emily Hernandez

Job Description/Duties

A botanist is a plant scientist. ("Botany" comes from ancient Greek and it means "pasture".) As a botanist, I would study all forms of life. I could study plant anatomy, and physiology. An interesting task I would enjoy is looking for a new species.

Personal Characteristics Needed

To do this job I would need to be very patient and pay attention to the tiniest detail. I'm pretty patient and have excellent communication skills. I'm also planning on getting a degree in a relevant subject, this will help my career as a botanist.

Education Needed

Since i am interested in becoming a botanist, I will need an undergraduate degree in science, A bachelors degree in botany or science will be necessary. Coursework includes biology, chemistry and physics, as well as genetics, plant taxonomy and plant anatomy.

Wages and Benefits

The annual botanist salary is $63,938. I think this salary will be enough for a living and any necessities i would need. The maximum bonus money i could get if i were a botanist would be $976.

Work Setting

A botanist undertakes regular office hours, if working in a laboratory doing research. If I was working out in the field, i would need to be physically fit and be able to work in tough conditions. Traveling around the world would also be needed to study different plants. Most botanist are employed on short fixed contracts, so it would be hard to get a long term position.

Similar Careers

Careers similar to a botanist are: Water Resource Specialist, Biological Science Teachers, Molecular and Cellular Biologists, and Natural Sciences Managers. I think if being a botanist didn't work out well for me i could be a Biological Science Teacher. I love helping others and working with new people.

Personal Assessment

One important thing i need to keep in mind is that i wouldn't always be in a laboratory or indoors, sometimes i could be working outside or in extreme conditions. Also, a botanist is a short term position, not many stay a botanist for a long time.

Final Thoughts

I would still like to be a a botanist after doing this research. The only con i could say is probably not working as a botanist for a long time. Pros are decent pay, and lots of learning new things.