Paragraph 1

Once upon a time there were three divers who went on a boat to find treasure. The diver’s names were Bob, John and Josh.

Paragraph 2

They dived into the water. Bob said,”Where do you think the treasure is?”.John and Josh said,”I don’t know.” Then they found a boat. When they found it they said,”Maybe the treasure is in there.” Then Neptune came and he said,”Go away!” Then Neptune made a whirlpool and the divers got sucked in by mistake.

Paragraph 3

When they woke up Nepturn was standing in front of them. He said,”I told you to go away.” Josh said,”Your whirlpool sucked us in.” Then they looked and they saw the treasure.”We have to get that treasure whispered” John. So when Nepturn was sleeping they untied each other they grabed the treasure.They swimmed up to shore got onto the beach and they lived happily ever after.