Joseph Katz Period 7

Johnny's Appearance

Johnny Cade, age sixteen, is described as "a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers" by Ponyboy's narrative. He looks smaller and younger than he is, likely from the abuse he suffers at home. His greased, black hair is long enough to cover most of his forehead with bangs- and it does, regardless of the fact that it is combed to one side. His large black eyes constantly hold a suspicious and nervous look in them, an aftereffect of his home life and the beating he took from the Socs. His face is a dark and tanned.


Johnny's Personality

Johnny is a nervous wreck who's quiet nearly all the time. Ponyboy's narrative states that "We thought we were doing good if we could get him to talk at all." when Johnny makes a sassy comment to Two-Bit. The only people he loves are his greaser friends including Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Two-Bit. He never was a coward, and but he is quite jumpy. He is also, according to Ponyboy, the "most law-abiding of [the gang]". The main reason for his generally scared personality has nothing to do with his beatings, but from his one-sided 'fight' with the Socs.

Johnny's Hobbies and Favorite Possessions

As of chapter two, Johnny's hobbies are unknown, as are his favorite possessions. I can, however, guess that he may treasure the pocket knife he carries with him at all times for defense.

Johnny's Relationships

Johnny hates the Socs, obviously, but he does care a lot for the greasers like him. He is a greaser, and a part of a greaser 'gang'. The gang consists of aforementioned characters and others like Steve and Dally, and Johnny cares for them all- except maybe Dally. As I mentioned previously, he only knows love through them.