Improve Your Memory Today!

Tips on how to improve your memory.

Pay Attention

In order to remember something wether it be short term or long term you have to pay attention to what you are trying to remember. Try to focus on what you are trying to remember and get rid of distractions, such as music and phones.
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Use Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are easy ways to recall important information by associating it with something you know well or placing it with something that is in your routine. An example of a mnemonic devices is king Philip came over for good spaghetti this was developed to help you remember the order of taxonomy.
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Practice and Repitition

Practice and repetition are great ways to remember something that is important. For example when you practice a certain play at practice until it is ingrained in you so you no longer have to think.
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Sleep helps to repair and improve brain function as well as allowing you to remember and learn more efficiently. Make sure you get a good nights rest after studying so you can remember information better.
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