Hsin-Chuen Lin


About the Artist

Hsin-Chuen Lin was born in Kaoshiung Hsien, Taiwan in 1962. He was raised there and graduated from Fen-San High School and continued his education at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. There he studied Industrial Education and in 1981, he took his first class in pottery. He was drawn to the media and recalls that he perhaps played with clay a lot as a child.

He continued with his original plan and taught at a junior high school in Taipei for four years, but then chose to pursue a career in ceramics. He moved to the United States and studied at the University of Iowa and obtained a Master's in Fine Arts in ceramics. He then moved to California were he currently resides and owns a studio.

Hsin-Chuen Lin's Work

Impact of Work

Lin draws his inspiration from his native culture and the American contemporary design. The Shang and Zhou periods from the Sung dynasty evoke much of his inspiration. He tries to obtain a traditional vessel form.

He initially creates his forms on the wheel and then adds his embellishments. He likes the look of organic pottery. He limits the amount of glaze he uses to give his work the more natural look. He finds that the form of the pot is most strongly expressed by not using ostentatious glazes and embellishments.

I like Lin's work for the same reason he likes it. The form is simple, but beautiful. The naturalness of the glaze really drew me in. I also like the hints of ancient Asian civilization inspiration in his work.

Erin Miller