Effects of American society

By: Tianna Mader


Muller V. Oregon

Muller V. Oregon was a political factor in 1908 during industrialization. During the case the courts decided that because of how woman were built they could not work as much men so they needed maximum hour laws. I am ashamed of this because woman should have the right to decide how much they can work. Also because the American family's that were in poverty could have benefited from two incomes.

Child Labor

Child labor was a problem to some in the U.S., this is because it was very dangerous for the children working in the factories. This was leds to a well know economic factor during industrialization known as the Child Labor Act of 1916. This Act made it to where children under the age of 14 could not be employed at any business or job. This is a Act that I am proud of the United States for passing because it keeps the young children out of harms way and allows them to get a proper education.

Haymarket Affair

The incident Haymarket affair was caused when a large group of labor protesters held a rally in 1886 near Haymarket square in Chicago and one of them threw a bomb at the police. This incident affected the public by causing people to realize that the labor issues was a serious problem and need to be taken care of but it also gave the protesters a bad reputation because of one. I am ashamed of this incident because the police were not the reason for the labor problems and shouldn't of been harmed.


Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

This act was signed by Chestar A. Arthur, the president at the time it was the one that stopped and prevented all immigration of Chinese to the United States. This has a positive effect on politics because the citenzens were proud of them for stopping it due to the fact that they feared the issues they would cause. I am ashamed of this Act because it was a very prejudice thing for the United stated to do.

Pull Factors during Immigration

The economy of the United States made improvements after immigration in the U.S. Started to pick up. Many of the immigrants came to the U.S. in search of a better life and many job opportunities that the United States could provided for them. I am proud of these pull factors because they led to the immigrant having a better life and providing the U.S. with diversity and more working citizens in some cases.


Americanization was a process where a immigrate becomes more American and begins to share American society beliefs, values, and customs. This effectd the culture of America because it caused everyone to have very similar values and look the same. I am ashamed of this because it takes a lot of the diversity out of the United States and forces immigrants to change their beliefs, values, and customs.


Political Machines

The political machine were figures in politics that helped the immigrants that came to the United States with getting started with jobs and providing them with necessities. In return for this help they got the support of the immigrants. The political machine were full of corruption. I am proud of them for helping the immigrants but ashamed they got support because of corruption.

Public services

During urbanization may things were created one of which is public services. There were many public services now available in urban areas such as new ways of faster transportation and better sewage and water systems. I am proud of this because it allows for more conveniences for the citizens and a better way of life.

Rural to Urban Migration

During urbanization many people wanted to be where the new jobs and buildings were so they left there homes outside of city limits for ones in the city. The moving of the population from the country to the city had a huge impact on society. It caused over crowding, poor living conditions, and shortages. I am ashamed of this because it made life worse for the citizens and made the cities go down hill.


Secret Ballot

This system created a lot of much needed privacy while voting for political figures. This made the voters feel more comfortable while voting because they knew that there votes would be anonymous. I am proud of this because it allowed the citizens to keep their political views private. This is good because then no one could be judged for the way they voted.

Graduated Income Tax

This was a taxing system that stated the higher wages you make, the higher taxes you had to pay to the government. This meant that if some one was poor they hardly had to pay taxes while the wealthy people had to pay large chunks. This gave the economy more money. I am ashamed of this because the people who did good in life are kinda being punished for it. I am also proud of it because it gave more money to the economy.

Jim Crow Laws

Theses were laws that enforced the separation of blacks and whites in daily life. This segregation happened in schools, parks, libraries, drinking fountains, restrooms, buses, and resturants. This effected the social factor in towns because African Americans were looked at as lower them whites. I am ashamed of this because it gave whites more privileges even though they were the same as African Americans just a different color.


Monroe Doctrine

This was a foreign policy that stated the Western Hemisphere were to be respected by all European powers, as the U.S. sphere of interest. This made large impacts on the spreading of the United States. It Allowed them to protect their interests from being messed with and for that I am proud of the Monroe Doctrine.

Dollar Diplomacy

This was created to show that they wanted more aims in Latin America and East Asia. To do this they planed on using their economic power by guaranteeing money loans to other foreign countries. I am proud of this because it bettered the United States and made them a stronger country.

Moral Diplomacy

This diplomacy made it to where the United States of America would only give out their support to countries that had the same beliefs morally. I am proud of this because it limited the support that the United States gave to only countries who preformed like us, due to their beliefs. I believe this was a very smart thing the United States did.

World War I

Treaty of Versailles

This Treaty was the treaty to end the major war known as WWI. The treaty of Versailles was signed exactly 5 years after the assassination of Archduke Franz, one of the causes of War. I am proud of this treaty because it made the War stop and created a lot of peace that was not yet there.

Removal of Trade Barriers

During World War I Woodrow Wilson made 14 points that would prevent war, one of those points was to remove trade barriers. This he thought would prevent war because there would be no more trade alliances or competition. This also helped the economy by gaining more trade. I am proud of this because it made everything safer and allowed people to trade freely.

Isolationism and Neutrality

The United States wanted to stay out of the wars that we're going on or would start soon so they decided not to make any alliances that they figured they would have to go to war for. They wanted to remain isolated basically from the other countries who had battles. I am proud of this because it kept the United States safe from other people's problems and allowed them to focus on themselves.