Elementary Vs. Middle School

By Myisha And Kiersten

Leaving Elementary and Moving to Middle School

Elementary is way different than Middle school,here are some thing that makes it different. In some ways they are they are same,here are some examples; at middle school you get more homework,remember your code for lockers and lunch number.


Here in middle school you get lots of homework.But if you actually pay attention and understand you can actually finish during class.If you don't finish it you get a ''no evidence."

If you finish it in class the teacher will tell you to read or go the the ''house''. Also never forget to put HANDY on your paper. H is for hour A is for assignment N is for name D is for date and Y is for your teacher.


Clubs are a big part of school, it is where you meet friends and celebrate knowledge. But why all of these clubs? Well when you have school you are stressed homework is too much drama with friends. Its nice that you have a place where you know you belong and there is a club for everything.Take BUM for example BUM helps set up plays and other events.You join a club by getting flyers or try outs and you sign up.


Lockers are a big part of middle school. Lockers are where your stuff goes and where it is safe but... if not locked it might get gone through.Your code is for you only you! When you begin you new school you need to know how to work it. The pattern is first left to get to you number right for next and left for final number. Just remember your code your stuff is in there.

Some Tips and Tricks

Some tips and tricks of middle school. Stay one track if you don't you will get bad grades. Make friends when you are stressed they will relieve you frustration.Get in the habit of doing homework so you can just not forget to do it.If you get mad,sad, even frustrated ask the teacher if you can go some where or talk to her it'll make you feel better. And the biggest tip i can give you is ask questions!!!!! Albert Einstein even asked questions that did make him less of a genius.