Gun control

By:Franco Petrucci

Are you for or against gun control?

I am against gun control for these three simple reasons the laws don't stop criminals, The criminals are armed, Good people use guns for good reasons.
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The laws don’t stop the criminals

The stricter gun laws are only making it harder for the good people to buy guns. All the laws that are trying to be made or changed are not stopping criminals from doing anything. More times than not criminals are targeting people without guns. So by making it harder for good people to buy guns all they are doing is making more people targets to crime.
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The criminals are armed

67% of criminals are convicted with guns and 67% of murders are committed with firearms. Also the laws don't prohibit members of terrorist groups from purchasing firearms or explosives. This shows are many criminals are armed and how easy it is to get guns.
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Good people use guns for good reasons

The people that legally buy firearms ( the people that the laws affect ) use their guns for hunting or protection. These gun scare off criminals and reduce the chance that they are targeted for a crime. Also these people are the people that go through background checks to get there guns.


with these reason and evidence is why i am against gun control

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