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6th and 7th/8th BOTH Take First Place

On Thursday, PK8 6th grade took 1st place at the District Knowledge Bowl Competition. Then, on Friday, PK8 7th/8th followed with a 1st place finish and a 6th place finish from the two teams. Congratulations!

6th Grade Team: Sierra Puharich, Emberlee Vierra, Klara Kiss and Cole McCrain

7th/8th Grade Team 1: Will Wrich, Lily Isaacson, Sky Rikes, Jordan Lowe and Avery Kinser

7th/8th Grade Team 2: Saskia Marlin, Orion Rose, Jasmine Vasquez, Avriel Curiel, Deja White, Taylor Wist

We are extremely proud of all of our students@

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6th Grade National History Day Presentations

The following 6th grade students have been working to represent us at Saturday’s National

History Day regional competition at CMU:

Sierra Puharich, Emberlee Vierra, Klara Kiss, Yatziri Martinez, Cole McCrain, Jace McCrain, Cartier Antonez, Alex Martina, Gunnar Lee, Levi Morgan, Adrian Dennison, and Amara Tooker.

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6th Grade Winter Ed Trip

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Mr. Burns hilariously shares stories from the 6th grade cross country trip! :-D Everyone had such a great time!

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These Paonia K-8 Students are recognized as Exceptional Eagles for their efforts in Safety, Order, Achievement, Respect, Individuality, Neighborly and Growth.

Pictured from left to right, beginning in the back row: Milly Naylor, Jynae Scott, Erik Silva-Martinez, Tanner Homedew, Principal Baldwin, Quinn Heinritz, Elsa Frazier, Natalie McClellan, Gabe Csere-Bitonio, Brynleigh Morgan, Katelyn Straub, and Elijah Hayhurst.
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It's just about time to “spring forward.” Daylight saving time 2022 officially begins Sunday, March 13, meaning we move the clock ahead one hour. For most people, that means moving the clocks ahead one hour before going to bed Saturday night. The change pushes more daylight hours into the afternoon.

4 Ways to Help Students Get Better Sleep

When tweens and teens learn how to use self-regulation strategies, much-needed sleep can come more easily.

Read more here: https://www.edutopia.org/article/4-ways-help-students-get-better-sleep

Kindergarten Registration

Thursday, March 17th will be our official spring registration day for students entering Kindergarten next year. This year our school district is continuing an online registration procedure. You may register your new students by visiting our school webpage, www.deltaschools.com, and clicking on the ‘Student Registration' button on the left side of the webpage. If your child is in BELA, and you plan on attending PK8 please let our office staff know of your intent. If you do not have internet access you may visit our school on March 17th, and we will have computers available for registration. If you know someone who has a 5 year old, please remind them to come by our school office. Potential parents are also welcome to come visit our kindergarten classroom anytime. Please call to set up a time.

Upcoming Events/Activities

Monday, March 21: No School = Teacher Inservice Day

Tuesday, March 22: Report Cards go home

Tuesday, March 22: 7th/8th Grade Track Interest Meeting

Saturday, March 26: MS Wrestling at Olathe Invitational

Monday, March 28: 7/8 Track Practice Starts

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CMAS Testing Date Changes!

Please review updated dates for 5th and 8th Grade. Changes have been bolded.

8th Grade: March 22-25, 28-29, April 11, 13, 15
7th Grade: March 30-April 1, April 4-6

6th Grade: March 30-April 1, April 4-6

5th grade March 22-25, 28-29, April 12, 14, 15
4th Grade April 7-8, 11-14

3rd Grade April 7-8, 11-14

Please try and schedule around these dates.

Did you know????

Did you know that the elementary portion of PK8 School has received the Governer's Distinguished Improvement Award every testing year (excluding 2017) since 2010?

And, our school received the John Irwin School of Excellence Award in 2018 and 2019, also with the Succeeds Prize for Transformational Impact in 2018.

Aaaaannnnnddd, that we were nationally recognized as a National ESEA Distinguished School in 2020.

Not only does our elementary rock, but our middle school grades are pretty exceptional too! Last year, our ELA scores were above the average state scores, and the average of our math scores outperformed the district's!

This is all due to the students' incredible efforts and attendance, family support, teacher expertise, staff commitment, positive mental attitudes, community collaborations and overall perseverance.

Let's ROCK the CMAS Paonia K-8!

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...and send them with testing day snacks! Mmmmm...


Coming in a Tuesday Express Near You.....POPCORNOPOLIS! This is a HUGE fundraiser for our school that helps fund eagle gear, rewards, SOARING ticket prizes and parties, AR Parties, field trips, teacher appreciation and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Check your Tuesday Express folders this week!

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P/T Conference Dinner

Thank you for the yummy dinner for Parent/Teacher conferences!!!!!!!

7th Grade Personal Health and Wellness Presentations

All Delta County School District 7th grade students will be given the opportunity to participate in a Physical and Personal Wellness presentation. This presentation is given at each school individually. The PK8 presentation will be provided by Amy Hafer. Jim Frazier will also be in the room.

Full presentation slides and information can be found on the homepage of the school district website: https://www.deltaschools.com/

Opt-out forms will be sent home on March 22.

Presentations will be during one class period during the week of April 4. Finalized date coming soon.

Forms in the Office

  • Baseball (Due April 1st)

Powderhorn Ski Days

Mark your calendars!

All forms for 6th-8th to sign up have been sent home. Please contact the office if you need a form.

The last 6th-8th Powderhorn Ski Day is March 18.

Additional details and information will be sent out later this month.

*Lesson, ticket and rental $70.00

*Lesson, ticket or rental $65.00

*Lesson only $60.00

Art Activity For Teens

Teen Art Night
Fridays at 4pm beginning 3/11
at Blue Sage Loft
226 Grand Ave

contact Nina Clouse for details: christina@integratedinsighttherapy.com

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Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal