Join us March 23 at 1:45PM for

1st g's run-through of our music program, 'Wild Things!'

Listening Ears, Appropriate Applause, & Smiles Wanted!

This year our first graders are performing folk songs & games while also telling the award winning story, "Where the Wild Things Are," by Maurice Sendak. The boys and girls have been creating Wild Things in art class which will help decorate the stage. I'm proud of their hard work and creativity!

Please be an audience seated quietly and ready for us to begin at promptly at 1:45PM. MARVELOUS MANNERS are greatly appreciated! Thank you teachers for monitoring your class, modeling appropriate applause, and active listening, too! I especially hope our fifth and fourth graders can demonstrate leadership and respect. We hope all will enjoy first grade's practice performance!

Thank you! Ms. Paige Nalley, Centennial Elementary Music Specialist

"Wild Things!" First Grade's music program practice performance

Wednesday, March 23rd, 1:45pm

Centennial Elementary School gym, Ventura Drive, Plano, TX, United States