Nick hall

There are four fronts

They are called occluded,stationary,warm, and cold fronts.

every front is made differently

warm front-a warm front is made when a warm air mass rams a cold air mass and the warm air mass goes up and causes light rain

cold front-a cold front forms when a cold air mass rams a warm air mass and pushes the warm air mass in the air causing thunder storms and strong wind

Stationary front-is front that stays in an area because of a warm and cold air mass colliding and neither have enough force to move each other out of the way causing continuous raining

occluded front-happens when two cold air masses collide causing cloudy,rainy, or snowy weather

All fronts cause storms,drizzle,sleet,snow,etc.

warm fronts cause-light rain or snow

cold fronts cause-heavy rain,hail,thunder storms

occluded fronts causes-rain

stationary fronts cause-continuous rain or snow

here is what happens when a front is over

When a front is formed some times bad weather and sometimes good weather like if a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass it causes snow or rain(cold front)Click on the link is more details on this and after the front is over the temperature is warm then sudden drop in temperature and after is drops slowly(after cold front)