The Ultimate survivors


Hi guys my name is Ger Lee, and today I will be doing my presentation on crocodiles. I hope you guys enjoy my Smore, and at least have learned something from it. We will now start this presentation.

How long have Crocodiles roamed the Earth

Crocodiles have been roaming earth for over 250 million years. Which is way longer then the Dinosaurs. Since they have been living for so long they are also known as the Ultimate Survivors.

Carnufex Carolinensis

Before there was crocodiles there was the Carnufex Carolinensis. It was a two legged beast who stood nine feet tall and looked very much like a Dinosaur. 231 million years ago it was still alive and was walking on 2 feet. This is one of the oldest ancestors to the modern crocodiles today. Soon enough it started to walk on 4 feet, the weight of Carnufex pressured his legs and soon his legs started to shrink into smaller legs.
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The first two crocodiles


The Erpetosuchus was one of the first crocodiles to ever live. It was a herbivore and it measured 55 cm in length. It was alive during the late Triassic period. Lastly it belonged in the Erpetosuchidae family.
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The Doswellia is another crocodile who roamed the earth the same time the Erpetosuchus did. Which was the late Triassic period. The Doswellia belonged to the family of Doswelliidae. They were completely different from the Erpetosuchus, they were bigger, had a longer snout and they were also carnivores. Lastly the average size of a Doswellia was about 2 meters long.
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Before the Erpetosuchus & Doswellia

Before these two, there were Phytosaurs which meant Plant lizard. Phytosaurs were actually Carnivores. They were the same size as the normal crocodile today, they had a long snout and were heavily armored. By heavily armored I mean their skin was really strong. They walk on land and swam in waters.
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Fossil Record

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Scientist believed that the crocodiles evolved from the crocodylomorpha, which was a group of crocodiles who have evolved overtime. They looked at their fossils to see some of the differences. For example they study their skulls.
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How did they Adapt to thier enviroment and what did they eat

200 million years ago, at the start of the Jurassic period Crocodiles abandon their terrestrial lifestyle and moved on into their marine Adaptation. When they abandon their terrestrial lifestyle, they started to get really big and started to weigh a lot. The average crocodile back then was about 30-40 feet long, and weighed over 10 tons. Then 55 million years later they start to separate. These ferocious beast ate fishes, turtles, birds, small dinosaurs, and even humans. During this time the crocodiles was a dangerous predator, who almost ran humans into extinction.

Some of the biggest and scariest Crocodiles ever

The Sarcosuchus, was known for being one of the biggest crocodile ever. It lived 112 million years ago. It was about 40 feet long, it weighed about 10-12 tons, and it's snout was about 6 feet long. The average crocodile today is only 15 feet, and weighs about 500-2000 pounds. Later on another version of the Sarcosuchus came, named the Deinosuchus. It was just like the Sarcosuchus , it was 40 feet long and weighed 8-10 tons, but it had a longer snout and a stronger bite force. These two scary beasts, lived during the Jurassic period.
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The crocodile who almost killed all humans

The Crocodylus anthropophagus, which is also known as the horned crocodile existed 1.84 million years ago. They feasted on humans, and other animals, but mainly humans. After a while the humans started to hunt them and finally ran them into extinction. Thank God they don't exist today.
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Evolution of crocodiles

Evolution Of Crocodiles