Stressed? Enjoy crafts?

Come to the Public Library Earth Day Celebration!

Come to the Public Library Serenity Garden and Meditation workshop!

Help us celebrate Earth Day at the Public Library! Plants are useful for any number of things, and here at the public library we are celebrating by learning about plants, meditation, and a hands-on serenity garden crafting session! We are proud to host Associate Professor of Botany Azalea Willow Beech-Oaks from Atlantis University in Greensboro, North Carolina, who will explain all the benefits of indoor plants. She will be followed by one of our most renowned Yoga Instructors (Yogi Sunny Stretches), who will discuss mediation benefits and teach the basics of meditation to program attendees.

Serenity Gardens and Meditation Earth Day Celebration

Saturday, April 25th, 12-3pm

Atlantis Public Library at Greensboro North Carolina

Have a more tranquil Earth Day celebration that lasts everyday!


Part 1: Introductions: Begin with self and volunteer, and then introduce first presenter, Associate Professor of Botany Azalea Willow Beech-Oaks from Atlantis University in Greensboro

(estimated time: 5 minutes)

Part 2: Presentation on Serenity Gardens and general indoor plant benefits

(estimated time: 35-40 minutes)

Cautionary Warning: If household has pets or small children, take preventions to avoid damage to child, pet, or artwork (such as plastic coverings).

Part 3: Description of provided materials, potential risks posed by materials to pets, emphasis on observation once at home to be sure decoration barriers are fully pet and child proof. (estimated time: 10 minutes)

Part 4: Hands On Activity: Personal assistance provided by Librarian, Volunteer, and Professor Azalea Willow Beech-Oaks

(estimated time: 40 minutes)

[10 minute break to put aside materials, use bathroom, prepare for next presentatoin]

Part 5: Introduction of Yogi Sunny Stretches.

(2 minutes)

Part 6: Meditation Presentation

(30 minutes)

Part 7: Conclusion: Official thanks to guest presenters. Show and tell of final projects, handing out collected information guides on pets/plants, collecting emails from participants for follow-up.

(estimated 15-20 minutes)

What to Bring

Materials needed that students should bring:

There will be enough materials provided that small gardens/non-fountain serenity works can be made without purchasing anything, however this is mainly geared towards the fountain aspect, so it is preferred that participants bring.

What will be provided

  • Pamphlets on Pet Safety, Plant Health, and Meditation

  • Decorative rocks, seashells, moss, twigs, figurines

  • Plastic such as empty large clear plastic bottles, clear tupperware, that can be cut into any necessary partitions, or large clear mason jars (assorted random glass containers found at goodwill for low cost, but which have been cleaned for garden purposes)

  • fishing line

  • string

  • scissors

  • super glue

  • Gravel

  • Soil

Assortment of small plants appropriate for small garden; plants will cost anywhere between .25 cents to five dollars. We appreciate the support of local business Plant Nursery Nurses for their generous discount on plants, soil, and gravel!