Action Life-coaching Classes

 ART CLASSES Children third – Eighth grade

Art cultivates creativity in an individual and creativity is directly connected to longevity.

"The creative process of art - painting works towards lifting the morale of the person in pain - it also increases the cognitive skills, stimulates the senses, and brings new lease of life and energy. Art therapy for children can provide kids with an easier way to express themselves since children are more naturally artistic and creative. Art therapy for children can be a much more viable solution for communication than simply having a conversation and talking about things. Art therapy can also aid a child in achieving better self-awareness, relief from stress or anxiety, and learning disorders.

Every Tuesday at 2:30 - 4:00 in Sonora or via - Skype

I am a professional Life Coach and therapist who specializes in personal growth, relationship and art therapy.

As a Life Coach & Therapist (# 73272) Supervisor Jack Pool MA, LMFT (# 30749). I specialize in the following areas: Dance, Exercise or Art Therapy/Classes. All coaching can be done via skype or the phone. If you live in the area I do Art Classes weekly on Tuesday afternoons.

Using art therapy with children

The introduction of a wide variety of art materials - clay, paints, pastels, markers, charcoal and sparkles - gives the patient an atmosphere of freedom where they feel free to express with colours-especially those emotions which they otherwise don't say in words and this art work is used by the trained art therapists use to understand the brain function of the child and give them a direction.