guess who

fun physical activity game


the materials you need for this game is

  • mats or hiding spots
  • a football or a ball


rules of the game are

  • you cant say who is it or else your out or down
  • you cant pretend to be it
  • if you find the ball you cant give it to someone or hide it again
  • you have to be really quite

How you play

the way you play is the teacher sets up mats in the corner and middle of the room. the teacher hides the football somewhere is the gym and the kids have to look for it. when someone finds it they quietly take the football and hide it is there shirt or with them somewhere hidden. they walk around the gym running around hidden behind the mats or anywhere, they all tag each other so its hidden that no one knows who's it. the person that's it tags them by sneaking up behind them and tagging them a secret way (by tapping with 4 fingers, the people that are not it tag with 3) when you get tagged you quietly sit down without saying a word or you are out next round. you also must have 4 or more players.