Coyotes a Invasive Species

Type of Organism

  • A wolflike wild dog native to North America.
  • coyotes weigh about 20-45 pounds
  • typically have a reddish to dark gray fur coat.

Area of Origin

  • coyotes are throughout North America, even southwards through Mexico and Central America.
  • This expansion is ongoing and it may one day reach South America.

How did The Organism Spread

  • scientist believe that hybrid offspring between wolfs and coyotes are why they spread.
  • DNA found in coyote poop shows that some coyotes have part wolf in them.
  • They believe that these are coyote wolf hybrids that traveled south from New England along the Appalachian mountains.

Damage it has done in North Carolina

  • Coyotes have took the deer population way down.
  • They also go after livestock such as chickens, goats, sheep and calves.
  • Coyotes can also do damage on the food chain in North Carolina.
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Management Plan

One way of getting rid of these coyotes could be by hunting them. or instead of hunting them you could try to catch them and either take them somewhere else or make a place where you could keep them without getting back into the wild.

Too keep these coyotes from invading our area i would try not to have as much livestock and animals around because that`s what these coyotes look for too eat.