Hey, I'm Jaidyn

Jaidyn Lewis

My Family

My name is Jaidyn Marie Lewis. I am thirteen and I was born on January 31, 2001 at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas. I'm part of a family of six. I have a younger sister, younger brother, and an older brother. My younger brother and I are the middle children, and we tend to get along better. My sister is the youngest and my older brother is the oldest, and they get along better. I also have a mother and a father whom both love me very much. In addition, I have an amazing boyfriend that I get to see everyday, and I love him more than anything in the world.

Who I am

I'm a girl that can be outgoing and strange when I want, but at other times, I'm really shy. I get scared to tell people how I feel because I worry too much about what other people think of me. People have talked bad about me multiple times behind my back, but it doesn't bother as much anymore. When someone does talk about me, I will confront them and let them know that I know. So, that's basically me.


I like to play some sports, but not very many. I have ankle issues, so that limits me. I also like social media, music, eating, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. Those are my absolute favorite things to do.

Future Plans

In the future, I plan to go through high school continuing my straight A's. After I graduate, I want to go to Texas A&M University to become a veterinarian. After being a veterinarian for a while, I want to open my own veterinary clinic. I also want to get married and have two kids. I really want a boy and a girl. I think I have a very bright future, and I can't wait for it to start.

Here are some of my favorite things: