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Happy 2021!

We made it to 2021!

Congratulations to our phenomenal Riverside County PTA and PTSA leaders!

While this isn't the first time PTA has made it through a pandemic, it is the first time PTA has navigated a pandemic in our lifetime, and none of us could be prepared for it. So, congratulations. Congratulations and thank you - we aren't done, but you're still hanging in there.

Thank you for hanging in there.

Thank you for standing up.

Thank you for being endlessly creative and innovative to make things happen for kids.

Thank you for thinking of the children.

As we look toward next term, we know that many units are struggling to find officers for the coming year, or even the motivation to start the process. Please don't forget that we are to help you! 23rd District has been here for almost 100 years, and together, we'll make sure it's standing for 100 more.

- Becca
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You are receiving this newsletter because as a PTA leader in Riverside County (Council or Unit), you are a part of the 23rd District PTA family. Each month, we'll be sending this newsletter to help support you! There is a whole chain of PTA support to help you - unit to council to district. Families support each other - and we are here to support you. You matter, and we are very glad that you are here.

Reach out to us for help: Help@23rdDistrict.org
Find support on our website: www.23rdDistrict.org
Join us on Facebook: 23rd District PTA or our 23rd District PTA Unit and Council Leaders Group

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You're Invited! 23rd District PTA General Association Meeting

Just like you, we must conduct business at 23rd District PTA - and that includes elections!

You are invited to attend the February 23rd District PTA General Association Meeting!

We will be conducting routine business, presenting reports, and electing the 2021-2023 Executive Committee!

Please join us on February 25, 2021!

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

When: Feb 25, 2021, 07:00 PM

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Due to this meeting being an election meeting, we are asking all attendees to register via Zoom for this meeting. Simply click the link, and follow the directions, and we will see you on February 25, 2021!

Don't forget! Presidents are our delegates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Slate of Proposed Officers for 23rd District PTA

Below please find the Report of the Nominating Committee for the 2021-2023 term of office for 23rd District PTA

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Worker Compensation Forms WERE DUE BY JANUARY 31, 2021 - NEW SUBMISSION PROCESS!

The submission of the Worker Compensation Form is required every year - even if no one is paid! This year, California State PTA and AIM Insurance Services debuted a brand-new system for forms submission! If your unit has not submitted the Worker Compensation Form yet, do it now and make sure your unit remains compliant!

The new form can be found here - and is just as easy to complete as the old form!

Find step-by-step instructions for completing this form by clicking this link!

The best part is that this form does not get remitted through channels - it goes straight from your unit or council to AIM insurance services! A copy of your completed submission will be sent directly to the email of the person filing the report, which can then be uploaded to MyPTEZ directly for compliance purposes (or sent to your Council if your Council collects items for upload).

Expenditures during COVID-19 and School Closures

We frequently get questions here at 23rd District about what expenditures are appropriate for PTA and PTSA groups - especially during COVID-19 when everything is more than a little cattawampus.

It's important to always remember that PTA exists to benefit the children (After all, it's our mission!). So, when you are evaluating a particular program for your organization to vote on, always remember to pay close attention to the "who directly benefits from this?" question in the equation.

If you can answer "Yes!" to the question, "Does this purchase or program make the experience a child will have more positive and fulfilling?" You are on the right track!

Well, what about teachers? We absolutely love our teachers! Teachers are extraordinary individuals who have turned the world inside out trying to educate children over the last year, and teachers are our incredibly valuable partners in making the world better for children - they are the "T" in PTA! Make sure to collaborate with teachers when possible, and solicit their input in whatever we do so that we can ensure our funds are spend as they should be - benefiting children.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us! We're always happy to help!

A Message From the 23rd District PTA Auditor:

The time is upon us for mid-year audits.

The mid-year audits should be to your council or district no later than February. The audit should consist of 3 things: Audit Report, Recommendations Page and Audit Checklist. All three of these must be included for the audit to be considered complete. Please remember to include the 'dates of approval' from your executive board and your association.

Audits should be completed by your auditor (who must be a qualified auditor [CPA/accountant]) or by an Audit Committee (which consists of two or more people with the auditor as chairperson). Anyone involved in the audit should be positionally trained and financially trained and must be a PTA member. Anyone involved in the audit can not be a check signer or involved in making any financial transactions within your PTA.

If units choose to pay a professional auditor, please make sure that they are familiar with non-profit organizations and preferably with PTAs specifically. Please make sure that your meeting minutes reflect who will be doing the audit.

Once the audit is complete it must be presented to and approved by your executive board and your association. Once approved and dates recorded the audit documents should be uploaded to myPTEZ or forwarded to your council (district if not in council).

Audits are required twice a year so it is very important to get them done in a timely manner. Any recommendations should be reviewed and discussed at your executive board meeting and action taken if necessary.

If you have any questions or need help with your audit in any way please contact your council or 23rd District. We are all here to support you.

Kaylene Dalke, 23rd District Auditor


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  • 1 - Highgrove Elementary PTA
  • 1 - Liberty Elementary PTA
  • 1 - Longfellow Elementary PTA
  • 1 - Nicolas Valley Elementary PTA
  • 1 - Sierra Vista Elementary PTA
  • 5 - Central Middle PTSA
  • 14 - Cloverdale Elementary PTA
  • 14 - Ina Arbuckle Elementary PTA
  • 15 - Temecula Student Center PTSA
  • 16 - Bear River PTSA
  • 19 - Cabot Yerxa Elementary PTA
  • 19 - Vista Del Monte PTA
  • 31 - Benjamin Harrison Elementary PTA


  • 3 - Myra Linn PTA
  • 6 - George Washington Elementary PTA (CNC PTA)
  • 10 - Little Lake Elementary PTA
  • 10 - Riverview Elementary PTA
  • 14 - Terrace Elementary PTA
  • 18 - Idyllwild School PTA
  • 19 - Desert Hot Springs High School PTSA
  • 27 - Rio Vista PTA
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