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Looking for the best sports bikes in India?

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The one bike market that is blooming in India right now has to be the sports bike section. With the average biking options becoming more powerful, there have been a plethora of bikes trying to capture this segment. So, if you have been planning to take a sports bike in India that is of course affordable and not over the ‘extravagant’ price range – this list is for you.

A simple list of the best options on the block -

1. KTM RC 200

With fantastic build quality and a design to kill for; this bike makes a great entry to the list. It is a beauty of a bike for Indian roads with a 4 valve, DOHC single cylinder powered by 199.5cc and 25 BHP. Well powered for our roads to say the least. The finish quality is fantastic and a mileage of 27kmpl is good too. With really great acceleration (0-60 in 3.8seconds), it does make a great push from the start. Effortless riding would be the best way to describe it; the ride is very smooth and gives you great road presence. Retailing at just under Rs 2Lakhs, it is on the higher side of the market.

2. KTM Duke 200

1. Very similar in specs as compared to the RC 200, but a completely different design. The naked feel on the bike is a brilliant change in itself and turned out to be an instant hit in the market. With an improved mileage of 34 kmpl, the bike is a far more productive bike. One of the reasons is the reduced kerb weight as in comparison with the RC 200. Another reason for the fantastic pickup on the sport bike is the steel frame chassis. With a telescopic fork in front, there is a strong balance on the bike even during bad roads. The ABS variant is a superb option too as it keeps you right on the safe side of the road during a quick ride. With a price of Rs 1.45 Lakhs on road in Mumbai, it is less stress on the wallet too.

3. Yamaha R 15

This bike has dominated sports bikes in India for a while now and it comes as no surprise too. The looks and the feel of the bike have been nothing short of great work. Though it has just 150cc and 17 BHP of power, it still does come out a good entry in this list. With a 0-60 in under 5 seconds, the pickup is good enough. A mileage of 40 kmpl is low for city traffic and the riding conditions are a little strained.

4. Honda CBR 250R

1. We all had huge expectations out of this bike we heard it was launching first and that was one of the reasons it performed so well at the start. With a 250cc engine giving out 25 BHP of power, the bike does have great acceleration on the road. With ABS as well as disc brakes on front and rear, it is quite stable too. A mileage of 35 kmpl and a price of Rs. 1.65 (ex-showroom Delhi) is the downside though.

5. Pulsar 200 NS

If there has to be a winner, it would have to be from the Bajaj bikes stable. It looks a beast and has a completely newly design. While the fuel tank capacity has been brought down to just 12litres, the sharp looks and increased fuel efficiency makes up for it. The design is definitely aggressive and will give you a second look for sure. The exhaust that is present under the underbelly looks fantastic; at the same time it is great to balance the weight of the bike too. 199.5cc and 23 bhp of power is a great hit, especially while delivering a mileage of 45 kmpl. Definitely, performance that makes it a deserving winner on our list. If you have been looking for a sports bike India, the Pulsar 200NS should be your first look