Raccoon boards Toronto subway

Subway go-ers got a fluffy suprise in the busy hour

A clawed delay

A raccoon caused a four-minute service delay as it ran into a Toronto subway car during the morning rush. The raccoon quickly exited the car and was last seen walking in a subway tunnel.Photo by Norm Kelly/Twitter

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The mischievous raccoon was spotted in a train car on the Yonge University subway line before it quickly exited, causing a four-minute service delay during the morning rush.

Toronto Transit Commission Spokesperson Danny Nicholson told The Toronto Starthat the raccoon was last seen walking between the Spadina and St. George subway stations.

"We don't know how or where the raccoon got onto the system," he said.

The commission's Twitter account also joked that the raccoon may have simply been attempting to skip out on its fare.

"Looks like it was looking for a free ride," they wrote. "Hopefully it was removed safely."

Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly even took note of the free-loading animal and made reference to a similar incident that caused a Toronto subway car to be quarantined in December.

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