EDUC 204

Friday 5/1

Teaching Thoughts Video Rubric using @animoto

Video is engaging and reflective. Viewer feels like the student comes to life on both a personal and professional level. Viewer is able to understand who the user is, what they want to teach, and why the user teaches. The viewer also demonstrates his/her specialty area in the video (special education, elementary education, music education, etc). The viewer can clearly see that the student reflected upon ideas and concepts learned in the course and related them to others as s/he saw fit.

The video utilizes appropriate language specific for the field of education. The video is not jumbled with jargon.


Video is displayed in a succinct and organized manner. Video is at least 2 minutes and less than 4 minutes in length.

Citations/ References

Copyrighted information for photos, graphics and music is clearly identified at the end of the presentation. Cited APA style and alphabetically.


The introduction is compelling and provides motivating content that hooks the viewer from the beginning of the video and keeps the audience's attention.

Video effects/ transitions

Video moves smoothly from frame to frame. A variety of transitions are used to assist in communicating the main idea and smooth the flow from one scene to the next. Images and scenes flow seamlessly. Digital effects are used appropriately for emphasis.


The graphics and/or animation assist in presenting an overall theme that appeals to the audience and enhances concepts with a high impact message. Graphics explain and reinforce key points during the presentation. Images were taken from copyright free image databases.

Artifact Description (What, and So What?)

Answering the question what is the artifact? What process did you go through to create it?

Cited correctly. APA style and alphabetically.

The text is written with no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.


(Now What?)

  • What would you do differently?
  • What went well?
  • Spelling and grammar are correct.
  • How does the learning from this component and tech tool tie in to your learning in Ed Psych or Foundations of Teaching?
  • What could you use from either of those classes (or one of those classes) to help you apply this component and associated ed tech tool? (theories, pedagogies?)
  • How can you use it in your future classroom?


Video is embedded into digital portfolio.



How to embed Animoto in digital portfolio

Keeping up with tech

Although this class will be coming to an end you need to keep up to date with your tech are some ways you can do so..

  • Pinterest TOI board
  • Twitter PLN
  • #PreTchat Thursday nights at 7pm - This week we are discussing getting ready for student teaching with a few student teacher panelists.
  • Teacher tech Thursday - 4:00pm - 5:00 pm in HAL 103 - new tech tools
  • Tech tool in 5 minutes of less - weekly email I will send out to interested students about a new tech tool each week with complimentary video.

Twitter study

I would like to explore how the use of Twitter during the Spring 2015 semesters has helped you make connections professionally. Specifically, I’m looking for connections made between classes, classmates, concepts, tools, and organizations. I am providing you with this consent form to invite you to be a part of this study. This research requires me to capture tweets by searching your Professional Twitter name in Twitter (ex. @SFecich) then clicking on your Twitter profile. Then I will click on Tweets & Replies and copy/paste all tweets from the beginning of the semester until the date collected. I will then paste the tweets into a document. Your participation in this research study is completely voluntary and will only use your professional twitter account. If you change your mind, you can drop out any time by May 6.

Looking ahead to next week....

Due Monday 5/4

  • Pintrest bookmarks due

  • Video due for peer feedback

  • Identify a tool for our Tech tool smackdown 2015

During Monday's class 5/4

Share our videos in small groups and provide peer feedback. Cast votes for student video awards in each section.

Pintrest - How to insert your board into digital portfolio

Please insert your educational pintrest board into your digital portfolio under whichever component you see it fitting. Follow the instructions on the video below for more informaiton.

Due Wednesday 5/6

  • Video due for grade (if you would like to incorporate your peer feedback you can)

  • Complete digital portfolio
  • NO RESUBMITS for either assignment here!

During Wednesday's class 5/6

We will do our tech smackdown - tech tools 2015!

Course evaluation