bullying happens

How does bullying change teenagers

Bullying is?

Ava Wright woke up like any normal morning at 6:15 AM. She got ready for school, ate breakfast and was out the door at 6:50, to catch the bus 5 minutes later. Ava is one of the first people to catch the bus in the morning, she hated riding the bus because of a girl named Shelby. Shelby called Ava “ugly, fat, stupid” every morning. Ava thought of suicide, and self harm, but soon thought better of it and told someone close and got help. Shelby no longer had problems on the bus.

scientific evidence has shown bullying affects teens in many ways. bullying is physical and/or verbal contact. Teens start bullying because they might have been victims themselves, and they bully at school, before, after, and on the bus. Bullying often results to self harm, suicide, or depression.

What is bullying?

What is bullying? Bullying is physical verbal, or cyber bullying. Without doing research You could make the guess that cyber bullying is the most common bullying.

physical bullying is pushing, hitting, or tripping a victim. Bullying is Physical violence. Physical bullying is harming someone just to be mean, the bully tends to push the victim around making fun of them.

Verbal bullying is insulting someone because of how they dress, or how they act. The bully makes fun of the victim calling them “stupid, ugly, or fat”. These insults are intended to make the victim feel horrible. Afterwards the victim feels depressed, hopeless, or worthless.

Cyber bullying is online bullying. Cyber bullying is almost like verbal bullying but not face to face. Cyber bullying is worse than verbal bullying because bullies say what they don’t have the gut to say in person. Bullies don’t think they will get in trouble because the victim is too scared to tell anyone.

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Why do teens start bullying?

Teens start bullying because they were/are victimized themselves. Teens bully to feel powerful and not worthless.

Bullies are often victimized by family, or close family friends. Bullies feel worthless and they want other people to feel their pain. Teens can’t handle being bullied so they take their anger out on someone else to feel better about himself/herself.

Where does bullying happen?

Bullies tend to bully at school, before, during, and after. Bullies also bully on the bus, and online. Bullies bully when no one is around so they don’t get caught. Online bullying happens on websites like Kik, Facebook, or Messenger. Verbal and Physical bullying happen in the hallways when no one is around to see a victim get tormented, or adult/teacher doesn’t know what is happening.
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What are the effects of bullying?

Some teens are affected worse others when they are bullied. Teens that are continuously bullied turn to self-harm, or suicide. When teens turn to self-harm, or suicide they are often depressed.

Depression is someone who thinks they are worthless, or hopeless. Some warning signs to depression are dropping out of social activities, being less talkative than normal, or acting out of the ordinary.

Suicide is intentional death when the victim is depressed, or always feeling hopeless, and worthless. Signs that a teen is about to commit suicide are giving away their belongings, or saying to everyone goodbye.

Self-harm is a depressed teen cutting, or burning herself/himself. Signs of self-harm are wearing extra clothing than normal, or dropping out of social activities.


Ava was lucky but not all teens are as lucky as she was. She told someone but most teens don’t. Telling a parent or friend is very important because you don’t know what the victim would result to. Ava got help after she told someone about Shelby some teens are not always able to do that.