Don't forget to Share!

It's the only way to make sales

Hey there super-star fundraisers:

Your profiles are looking GREAT, so why not take a little time out of your day to share them with others. It's the only way you'll sell products and make some cash for your exciting Student Council projects!

Here are a few ideas of how to get more people stopping by your page:

- Share the link to your page on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social media tool you use.

- Ask your parents to share on their social media pages (parents' friends make great supporters).

- Login to your page (just go here and click the login note at the top right) and send a note to family, friends, neighbors, etc.

- Give the link to your personal page (remember, you can find it in the email you got from See Your Impact on Monday) to your parents so they can send an email to their community.

- Write the link to your personal page down on some little slips of paper and hand them out to your friends, teachers, neighbors, whoever!

Looking forward to seeing you sales skyrocket,

Christina @ FarmRaiser