Baby Parent Bonding Time

Maternal, Paternal and Sibling rivalry


Do you feel like you cant get away from the baby for even a second with out he/she crying? There are a few simple things that you can do to distress yourself.

-call a good friend that you trust, they can babysit while you are resting/ taking a nap

-drop your newborn there grandparents house so you can talk to them about why you are always so stressed.

-if you are feeling like you cant handle the newborn anymore, take some time to be alone without the baby

Do you feel like you aren't having enough of bonding time with your newborn?

Don't beat yourself up! Taking care of a newborn is a lot of work and is overwhelming at times. Nursing can help you bond with your baby.

Feel like you are not attached to you newborn as much anymore?

If you feel not as close and comfortable with you newborn as you used to be or detached. Talk with a friend or family member about it, your friends can come over and help you care for the newborn and help you get away from everything for a little while the child is sleeping.
Newborn Care: How to Play with Your Newborn

Newborn Care:

-Sight- newborns can only see 10-12 inches away from them.

-Touch- newborns like to be softly touched so they can feel safe. Massage there arms and legs (helps to wind down)

-Sound- newborns hearing is very good within birth, they prefer high pitch voices, they also like hearing the same book over and over again

-Getting strong- newborns like tummy time (helps strengthen neck and back muscles) Never put your newborn to bed on there tummy.

-Diapers- newborns normally don't like to be wet during the day, so change there diaper every hour or so when needed

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