Kirtland's Warbler

By: Kyle Moran

Where do they live?

Kirtlansd's Warblers are found in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and recently some nearby canadian forests. This bird needs a very specific type of habitat to breed and therefore they are not commonly found outside of the great lakes area except when they migrate to the Bahamas in the winter.

Why is this animal endangered?

Due to its restricted home range and various habitat requirements, this warbler has always been somewhat of a rare species. Kirtland's warblers are endangered due to the lack of young Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) forest habitat that is necessary for the warbler to make their nests.

Why is this animal important?

Economically: The Jack Pine trees that are cut down in the Kirtland's warbler nesting areas can provide wood products and jobs for Michigan's people and economy. Tourists that are attracted by the Kirtland's warbler also have a positive impact on the Northern Michigan economy.

Ecologically: Whenever an animal goes extinct, it disrupts the whole ecosystem. It upsets the balance of the food chain because all organisms are linked in some way, and "you can never do just one thing". The warbler brings tourists to Michigan and programs there help teach people how important it is to protect the Earth's wildlife.

Male Kirtland's Warbler Singing, 2010- Natura Tours