Book by: Mike Lupica

Poster by: Lauren Eihusen

My Favorite Scene From The Book

My favorite part of the book is when The Clippers get to the Little League World Series. Michael was helping out coaching, because they still haven't found his birth certificate. The Clippers where down by a lot. All hope was lost until El Grande and own daughter show up; Michaels own brother was there right behind them with a huge smile on his face. They had his birth certificate, meaning he could play. With him being able to pitch again, and with the whole team working together as one they ended up coming back, and winning the championship!

That part is important to me because its when all the hope is returned back to Michael. He can finally focus on the thing he loves again. Rather than thinking about how he had already lots two things he loved. Also this is a big part for the sports theme of the book, because they end up coming back and winning!

Overall summary of the book

Michael Arroyo is a fantastic twelve year old baseball pitcher. He plays baseball for a team named the Clippers. His father had passed away, and him and his brother live in constant fear of being caught living without an adult. His brother (Carlos) is nearly at age to become a adult. Then Baseball is also taken away from Michael, because other coaches thought he was too old to play in their division. When really he was just a amazing player. They then are looking for a lost birth certificate somewhere in cuba. Michael thinks he lost everything he loved, but me may find out that with the help of some friends anything is possible!