Edgewood's Tiger Talk

September 22, 2017

A Note from the Principal

I glance at my smartphone dozens of times daily. "What's the weather?" "Where is that store?" "Who sang that song?" Any important emails? It's funny to think that less than 10 years ago, I used a cell phone to call or text, but little else. 15 years ago, I thought of a cell phone as just for "emergencies." The way I gather information and contact people today is starkly different than it was 5-10 years ago.

Technology has also changed how we teach. Students now regularly use devices to look information up, to create presentations, to interact with one another, and to interact with the teacher.

In addition to changing how we teach, it is also changing WHAT we teach. Our rapidly evolving world demands different skillsets. It used to be that one could expect to leave school, get a job, and work for that company for many years. Now, people are expected to hold an average of 12 jobs throughout their careers. By the time our elementary children are in the workforce, how many jobs might they be expected to hold? While we used to be able to learn a skill and get better and better at it over time, we now need to learn new skills and technologies every few years. Knowledge used to be something that was limited to those with the time to find books or those with very good memories. Now, it's at the tip of everyone's fingers with a quick Google search.

Over the course of the next several Tiger Talks, I'll share some of the different skills that we're working to teach--skills that are different from what our teachers may have focused on when we were in school. In Greenfield, we call these the G21 (Greenfield's 21st Century Learning Skills). Our work at Edgewood is to prepare our students to be vibrant, successful citizens. As we look at our rapidly changing world, we know that what we teach them, in addition to how we teach them, needs to look a little different than it once did.

Pick-Up Reminder!

If you are changing the pick-up plan for your child, you MUST do so before 3pm. Getting messages to people in the midst of dismissal prevents the usual process from happening smoothly.

Pawsitively Edgewood--Character Education

This month, we've really been focusing on the basics of respect and courtesy. How can we create an environment where everyone can learn?

  • Students have learned that we're quiet in the hallways because this allows those learning in classrooms to focus on their learning.
  • We let someone else talk first because that's showing respect for someone else, and that makes people feel valued.
  • Looking at someone when they're talking shows respect because it shows that we think what they say matters.

As you're at home and in the community, see if you can spot examples of respect or disrespect, and then talk about how that affected the situation.

Classroom Spotlight--Mrs. Paulus

As we work to develop creative thinkers, we want students who can generate and express their own ideas--not just answer a question that we ask them. Part of the process at the beginning of the year is realizing that each of us has stories to tell. We've each had experiences that are worth sharing, and when we spend time thinking, and brainstorming first, the writing task becomes a lot easier. Third graders made memory hearts, to set themselves up for sustained writing.

Guidance with Mrs. Michlig

In the first few weeks, it's been a priority to help new students get acclimated to their new school. Another important focus has been supporting our K4 and K5 children by pairing them with older students. This helped them get to their destinations at the end of the day and fostered relationships across grade levels.

Classroom guidance lessons in all grades first focused on helping children understand that the role of the school counselor is to help support everyone. Students learned the importance of expressing feelings and seeking out trusted adults at home and school.

There is some overlap with the guidance curriculum and various school-wide initiatives that promote a positive school culture.The purpose of our Buddy Benches was a topic of discussion as students learned how to use it if needed and how to help others. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate strong character in action.

Bully prevention lessons began with the focus on ensuring we are not putting "wrinkles in someone's heart" by saying unkind words. Future discussions will be to encourage the efforts of the Bystander. The first Peaceful School Bus session is this Friday. Yet another setting where we strive to promote positive character traits!

Art with Mrs. Nolan

Artists of Edgewood started the year by listening to the book THE DOT by Peter Reynolds. It's a wonderful story about a girl's self-confidence growing in her art from the encouragement of her teacher. The young artist passes it on. Each artist of Edgewood was encouraged to "Make Your Mark!" Evidence of our dot work is displayed. Artists each made a dot designed in a style of an artist's in celebration of International Dot Day, September 15th.

Along with our beginning art, students were introduced to the expectations in the art room. "ARTSY", which defines the expectations, has been explained to all students and is clearly posted in the room.

Music with Mrs. McClanahan

In music we start off the year in grades 2-5 discussing tempo and relating the speed of the beat to the speed of our lives. K5 and 1st are kicking off the year with the series of "bear" books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

Our Health Room needs spare clothes!

We're running low on extras for when kids get wet or have accidents. Do you have some extra clothes that your kids have grown out of? We're in need of clothes for older kids (think sizes 7-12), boys underwear (smaller sizes), and socks. (Socks and underwear need to be new). If you have some, or could pick up some to send in, we'd appreciate it!

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Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

Upcoming Dates

9/23--Back to School Picnic, sponsored by the EHSA, Noon-3pm, Konkel Park

9/29--Wear Edgewood Shirts or Orange and Black

10/9-10/20--Spirit Wear Sale

10/11--Author Visit, K5-2nd Grade (Order forms will come out next week)

10/13--Wear Edgewood Shirts or Orange and Black

10/18-10/25--Bookfair (open during lunch for kids, and during conferences)

10/19--Early Release K5-5th Grade for Parent Teacher Conferences (No School for K4)

10/20--Coffee with the Principal, 8-8:30 am, Learning Commons--Learn about Growth Mindset

10/20--EHSA Halloween Dance, 6-8pm

10/25--Parent Teacher Conferences

10/26-10/27--No School--Fall Break

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