Student Support Services Department

Roadmap - Week of 9/3/18-9/7/18

IDVA Mission - Building a community of engaged learners.

IDVA Vision - Empowering every student to learn at high level.

SSS Department Group Agreements

  • We will be intentional in our collaborative work with school community members to address students' academic needs.
  • We will proactively identify and support students' individual needs and accomplishments.

My first roadmap

Hi team,

This is the first roadmap I have compiled. My goal is to send this regularly and have this serve as a source of FYIs. I hope to reduce staff meetings, and use this to share important information. Please read this thoroughly each week.

If you have ideas for items to add or ways to make this better, let me know.



SSS Department Kudos!

If you have kudos to share about you or a colleague, send them to Alex.

Email to Lisa regarding Pre-EA session:

"Hi Lisa,

Being a part of the call today helped boost my confidence in your school. I'm actually an educator... and have been for many years. I'm also the parent of a shy yet intelligent and artistic 9th grader, [student]. [Student] has really struggled here since we moved to Boise in March, and she has had a very anxiety-heavy experience at [past] Junior High School thus far. She went the first couple days but has not been back. Of course, I sure hope that everything goes smoothly with IDVA and that she gets in the academic groove once again.

Anyway...just wanted you to know my short story and to say "thanks" for being organized and informative (and thanks to Andrea as well)."



A parent shared with Bev that she felt overwhelmed with starting school, but she is very thankful for the support she has been given!



Lastly for the week, but certainly not least, KUDOS AND THANK YOU for all of those who helped onboard our new students. The first cohort is always extra busy, but everyone rallied around the task and reached out to every new family (over 500 students)!

SSS Department Trivia

Ready to have some fun and learn about your colleagues?

I am totally stealing... errr... borrowing Jenny's cool ideas. This year we will be playing SSS roadmap trivia. The goal is to get to know your teammates.


1. Sign up to play and share one thing about you that your colleagues may not know and that

you are comfortable sharing. What you share will be used as an upcoming weekly trivia question.

2. Submit your answers to weekly questions

3. Enjoy quarterly prizes for the overall winners!

SSS Dept. Trivia - Click Here to Answer

"Out of everyone who has competed in Wii Sports with me, and there have been many, I hold the record for Hula Hooping…making me a Champion Hula Hooper." WHO AM I?

Weekly Calendar, 9/3-9/7

Monday 9/3:

  • Labor Day - No School, All staff off

Tuesday 9/4:

  • The first day of SY 18-19!
  • Check student/LC no log

Wednesday 9/5/:

  • Check student/LC no log

Thursday 9/6:

  • Check student/LC no log
  • Pulse Check 1 Calls due

Friday 9/7:

  • FSL/FCL Collaboration Meeting Day
  • Last day of enrollment for K5, MS, and VHS 9/24 start
Check out our IDVA Exhaustive Communication Goal Smore

Remember, our goal is exhaustive communication.

Departmental & School Updates

Departmental and school updates will go here when/as needed

ACTION REQUIRED: Feedback needed on Counselors/Advisor Mass Communication plan


(1) counselors/Advisors review and send feedback to Mark;

(2) FAST, is this something that needs to be evolved to fit FAST, too, if necessary? Send that feedback to Mark.

Draft: Mass Email Plan of Action

The objective in developing the Mass Communication plan was to create the ability to maximize the delivery of critical information in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Key Communication that was identified for mass communication:



- Advanced Opportunities

- College and Career (FAFSA, Scholarships, College tours, college events, presentations)

- Counselors corner and key communication

- Graduation

- Grad planning

- Course Selection survey

Key Communication Initiatives and Process:

Mass emails are necessary to communicate critical information that is time sensitive, while providing evidence of the information being disseminated. The following steps will be utilized to minimize the number of mass emails while maximizing communication:

- Mass Communication Step 1:

o Provide Jennifer Edwards with the necessary communication to be posted on the at

o Add to our signatures

o Request that 9-12 Grade teachers add to their signature cards and encourage students to visit the site weekly for critical information

- Mass Communication Step 2:

o Establish a critical need (High Priority with deadlines)

o Evaluate if there is an alternate method for communicating the information effectively (add to SMORE)

o Break into smaller groups if and whenever possible (By case load, sub groups)

o Communicate with Counselors/ ADVISOR to piggyback if appropriate and when possible

o Attempt to limit to 1 mass email for a specific piece 1 time per semester whenever possible and then look at Step 2 to identify additional communication methods

- Mass Communication Step 3:

o Request teachers include Mass email communication in the weeks slides as appropriate

o Jennifer will look at alternate communication options including Instagram for students that opt in

o Add to SMORE newsletter

o Create a culture whereby students review on a weekly basi

Professional Learning Communities

As your PLC has data to review, send info to Alex to post for the group.

An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry to achieve better results for the students they serve.

PLC’s operate under the assumption that the key to improving learning for students is continuous, job-embedded learning for educators.

Four questions to guide PLC’s

  1. What do we expect students to learn?
  2. How do we know they are learning it?
  3. How do we respond when they do not learn it?
  4. How do you respond when they have already learned it?

K12 Updates

K12 updates will go here when/as needed.

K12 National Clubs

K12 National Club's launched a new year of sign ups on August 15th. National Clubs are open for all K12 MPS schools and select FTS schools, and are open for signup throughout the school year by visiting

For national messaging and copy that can be used/repurposed for your local communication and promotion can be found here.

Staff questions should be directed to Sonja Howerton at

Family and student questions should be directed to

K12 National GSA Club

We are pleased to announce the opening for signups for SY 18-19 K12 National GSA Club. Signups are open throughout the year if you have a student that is a good fit for this exclusive club. This club is only offered to students through school level referral. This exclusive referral process ensure that we are keeping the club environment a safe and judgement free space for LGBTQIA students and those that are passionate about being a part of a support group, and talking about advocacy.

Students can sign up by visiting this link:

Staff questions should be directed to Sonja Howerton at

Family and student questions should be directed to

Big picture

Reoccuring/Reference Info

This section will be used for reoccuring/repeated info from previous weeks that may be needed for later reference.

N/A - Week of 9/3

Roadmap Feedback

If you have feedback on how to make this roadmap better (content, format, etc.), please give feedback.